Xanderian2012-10-17 19:00:10
yeah, that was me with the above post. sorry baddie, just wanted to see if I even could
Xanderian2012-10-17 18:23:28
From 2008-2011... you people need to check this out. Read up, and enjoy some popcorn while at it! Hey badspot, you should really use that IPS ban or whatever somebody else was talking about. Ban both Crown and LewnaJa perma once and for all! It would probably work too! :D
Xanderian2012-10-17 18:01:10
Sweeeeeeet. Nice work badspot. Well, now I know why you have been busy so much of the time.
Xanderian2012-10-17 17:46:58
wow. look at that thing.that thing looks old. good luck with it man!
Xanderian2012-10-12 02:00:09

The really loud one is rotondo's. The deeper one is badspot's.
Xanderian2012-10-12 00:34:23
dude, what is your steam? me wants.
Xanderian2012-10-12 00:22:34
Xanderian2012-10-11 23:52:27
wow. hey badspot, what happened to packaging it up? if you dont want to, i can probably (try to) do it for you.
Xanderian2012-10-10 02:46:00
I have the game. Hey baddie, can you give me the old base files in the directory before v20? There are files in there that got removed and I kinda want them. It makes me feel bad not having them because I had to reinstall blockland for v21. :C
Xanderian2012-10-10 02:42:45
Wow, that 'is' sad. Poor guy. Look at his face. I don't think he wanted to be there...