Gummy2014-09-14 13:56:32
Im gonna try it out
Gummy2014-04-13 21:44:19
Thank you* darn spelling mistakes
Gummy2014-04-13 21:43:48
Thanks you! i havent played this game scince my last computer!
Gummy2014-03-08 00:37:12
the fuck is this console, did you find it in the garbage holy shit.
Gummy2014-03-08 00:18:23
So, when can we actually download it?
Gummy2013-01-13 14:40:05
I don't overall like this, im stuck at the sewer level and im really pissed already, please fix all glitches and the sliding, its really hard to slide.
Gummy2013-01-12 17:01:12
I have blockland and i hope this game is good.
Gummy2013-01-12 17:01:11
I have blockland and i hope this game is good.
Gummy2012-10-21 13:41:19
I really want this... c:
Gummy2012-08-03 16:38:33
Thats when blockland was only V2 xD
Gummy2012-08-03 16:32:18
Eh, not as funny as i thought but the name of it "Shit #1" it cracked me up!
Gummy2012-08-03 14:11:58
Hai der Im Gummy and im a real Blockland Player and that game is the best Online game i have ever Bought/Downloaded! I love that game

Gummy (BL ID:33456)