smittywjmj2013-07-21 02:08:30
1:33 - "Wow, my back really hurts... I shouldn't have slept on the floor..."

1:36 - (Gruesome snapping noise as Lara's vertebral discs disintegrate from the friction of her spine rotating at light speed.)

1:36.5 - "Ahh... much better."
smittywjmj2013-05-26 23:45:40
Strange twist on the story.

Mario finishes the first level on his quest.

Goes on to spend eternity in purgatory constantly dying for his cruel genocide of innocent Goombas.
smittywjmj2013-04-01 03:22:14
Oh, cool, we're talking Progress Quest.
smittywjmj2013-01-23 23:26:01
30 presses/second * 5-6 seconds = 150-180 total presses to climb.
smittywjmj2012-12-17 15:06:25
It's turkey, can't you read labels? Silly people that comment on Badspot's life.
smittywjmj2012-11-23 18:37:25
@Xanoph: I don't think "lack" and "too high" can be used together like that. I think you contradicted yourself. But I'm nitpicking.
smittywjmj2012-10-24 22:35:44
...I think. Didn't it used to be 67.171...something, but now it's 76.115...something? Or am I as gullible as I think I am?
smittywjmj2012-10-24 22:20:13
Nice try, you almost got me... But Badspot's IP is different.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 21:16:08
Ooh... Broken neck in process of attempted autofellatio... Hate to see that happen.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 21:11:52
Okay, I realize I'm coming in late on these comments, but try NASCAR 2003. The cars are lighter and fly a little better. Considering my "racing" usually consists of driving backwards and wrecking people, it tends to be more fun in 2003 than 2002.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 12:21:53
Can't help but see the medical doodad as a 8D (Which I've just realized is 141 in hexadecimal. Hmm.) face.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 12:16:27
"They're good." -- Badspot
smittywjmj2012-10-23 12:08:42
Wait, is this just the low quality I had to watch the video at, or did you have to blur out the breasts on the left side of the thing? And then when you start the game, there's a mild violence warning? So feel free to look at her chest, but be careful, you might be mildly violent in this game!
smittywjmj2012-10-23 11:54:25
Broken safety... thingies, broken lock... thingy... Stolen?
smittywjmj2012-10-23 11:50:05

Never fails.
smittywjmj2012-09-19 18:06:29
Am I the only one who's ever wondered how the girls in video games and whatnot manage to keep their shirts glued to the side of their breasts like that?