Mass Effect Medical Results 2
Panel 2 from the Mass Effect comic Medical Results

Guilty Bystander2011-03-13 04:36:00
Fantastic. Any chance you can put up panel 1 as well?

Thank you!
Badspot2011-03-13 10:03:16
Guilty Bystander2011-03-13 19:54:36
Beautiful. Thank you again.
I'll repeat what someone else said - these are better than all the comics that are officially tied to BioWare (Penny Arcade, Redemption, etc). I can quantify that simply by how often I hit "refresh" to check for new stuff (here, more than once a day; the others, uh, never).
Badspot2011-03-14 17:01:20
Thanks! Updates are kind of sporadic so the best way to keep up is the twitter or RSS feed.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 12:21:53
Can't help but see the medical doodad as a 8D (Which I've just realized is 141 in hexadecimal. Hmm.) face.

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