Taking a look at some different types of arcade buttons for my Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME cabinet conversion project.

Sanwa, Seimitsu and IL buttons and an RGB lighting solution are poked at.

Nickelob Ultra2012-10-21 19:41:50
pretty damn cool
mutantz2012-10-21 21:00:53
Bring blockland back to the way it was,why were custom maps takem out in the 1st place
Tonkka2012-10-22 18:44:23

Because they sucked, If you don't like the change don't play the game.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 16:16:27
"They're good." -- Badspot
Yin Yang2013-02-16 03:00:18
Was that you? Nice.
Gen Skylord2013-07-10 14:41:08
Wow that looks cool. *Sell it for V22*

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