How to fix the HP C5280 "refer to printer documentation" error.

Darren2012-10-13 21:20:31
Made me laugh.
Nobody2012-10-14 02:03:56
Why did this remind me of some offkilter episode of Marble Hornets?
Manual2012-10-14 08:56:24
C 1.04 - "Refer to printer documentation"
If you get this message, you should follow the following instructions:
Step 1. Hit it a couple times with either your fist or your shoe.
If that doesn't help, proceed to step 2.
Step 2. Press the power button to switch it off.
Step 3. After a couple of seconds, switch the printer back on.
If you see this message again, proceed to step 4.
Step 4. Press all the buttons.
If it still displays the same message, proceed to step 1: start bashing.
ops2012-10-14 19:59:58
I tried this on my printer and it gave me a PC Load Letter error...
smittywjmj2012-10-23 15:50:05

Never fails.
Adder2012-11-11 11:18:53
@ops: To fix PC LOAD LETTER: Remove ALL A4 paper from your house.
Alternatively, if you are not in the Americas, remove printer from wrong continent.
2012-12-26 10:24:53
10/10 would 10/10 again.
printer works correctly now, but i had to use the foot method more times than you to mash up the buttons.
Thegreenbrick2013-02-13 01:20:38
Wii doesn't work.(watches vid) ok. (gets shovel)
BlockoBlocko2013-03-16 15:08:07
Lol this thing actually worked for my HP printer.

Thanks, Badspot! :)
Gen Skylord2013-07-10 15:00:07
Lol this was hilarious.
Shisutemu Seigyo2014-05-22 01:41:36
I hate printers, I have literally the same exact one and it does this shit all the time.
RarwMuffinz2014-06-17 05:40:34
Are you some sort of repairman?

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