Spazzing out in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Most of the glitches featured here center around a piece of physics scenery that did not settle into the correct position. (Hilariously I have enountered a nearly identical bug in Tomb Raider 9 that is preventing me from completing the DLC tomb.) Not shown are the millions of times I got killed because the camera pointed to the sky or turned 90 degrees mid jump, or enemies attacked me with infinite combos, or quick time events didn't work, or Lara decided to fall to her death instead of grab a ledge.

smittywjmj2013-07-21 02:08:30
1:33 - "Wow, my back really hurts... I shouldn't have slept on the floor..."

1:36 - (Gruesome snapping noise as Lara's vertebral discs disintegrate from the friction of her spine rotating at light speed.)

1:36.5 - "Ahh... much better."
King of the Bill2013-07-23 20:04:18
Holy shit, I've played TR:A and I got beaten up by so many glitches...
...also, I literally cannot get 100% because a certain relic's puzzle is bugged out and thinks itself already solved but it isn't, so it wont let me interact with it. I need noclip.
PeterG2013-09-03 09:27:59
No! That's not how those joints connect!
LOGYN2013-11-02 19:20:30

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