I spent the past week creating a remake of gameboy classic, Super Mario Land. This video shows me playing through the first level and then some unfortunate checkpoint behavior at the end since there is no second level.

For this project I used the game engine that I had already created for Perennial, so much of the heavy lifting for sprites, tiles, collision, controls and the like was already complete. I didn't quite get everything working but there's enough for the first couple of levels.

Dooble2013-05-27 00:06:02
Pretty nice.
Super Mario Land was probably one of my favourite gameboy classic games.
The checkpoint glitch is pretty hilarious.

Are you planning on remaking the other levels too?
smittywjmj2013-05-27 03:45:40
Strange twist on the story.

Mario finishes the first level on his quest.

Goes on to spend eternity in purgatory constantly dying for his cruel genocide of innocent Goombas.
Nonnel2013-05-27 07:04:05
Wow, that's pretty cool. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
snot2013-05-31 21:55:31
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Snood2013-05-31 22:22:09
You're all commenting here only because you think you're cool. You're not special!
TeeJay2013-06-05 04:57:37
Do you have any plans on releasing this? It looks nice.
BlockoBlocko2013-06-18 18:33:11
Very nice, Badspot.
Gen Skylord2013-07-10 14:33:43
I liked it but the gray and white shading looked horrible.
Photon2013-12-22 16:58:39
Nice. The gray and white shading drives me nuts though.. lol. What program do you use to make this?
Badspot2013-12-23 04:30:53
>What program do you use to make this?

I didn't use a game maker or existing engine. I programmed it myself in C++. I used SDL to handle sound and input and to start the openGL context.
2014-01-28 05:08:43
BadSpot > I programmed it myself in C++. I used SDL to handle sound and input and to start the openGL context.

Is it possable to recreate blockland or create a game similer with C++ without useing any project extensions that include a linker?
Troll2014-03-30 17:12:02

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