Might have been interesting to show how to use the mame CHD file to make the replacement hard drive, but I didn't record it.

Xanderian2012-10-17 18:01:10
Sweeeeeeet. Nice work badspot. Well, now I know why you have been busy so much of the time.
smittywjmj2012-10-23 12:08:42
Wait, is this just the low quality I had to watch the video at, or did you have to blur out the breasts on the left side of the thing? And then when you start the game, there's a mild violence warning? So feel free to look at her chest, but be careful, you might be mildly violent in this game!
dargereldren2012-10-30 19:14:16
6:11 - "You could say I erected it. penis."

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