Blockland Teledoor
Teledoors in Blockland.

Aaowf2012-03-08 22:32:18
I love blockland :D
Pentax2012-03-24 03:15:43
heh funny default characters never get that it will never stop .
Suidispar2012-04-08 23:06:08
Pngu129702012-04-17 21:34:24
luckybuzz5102012-04-21 08:28:41
Seems like hes having trouble
sean2012-05-29 00:05:57
wow i dont have the demo
sean2012-05-29 00:08:31
becase i dint no wate teledoors did
michaelvanvliet2012-07-06 08:17:43
what epic blockhead
michaelvanvliet2012-07-06 08:18:23
i have the demo!
Greenhawk19782012-07-24 07:49:20
ummm can i get Full Version plz give me Cose XD!
Gummy2012-08-03 18:11:58
Hai der Im Gummy and im a real Blockland Player and that game is the best Online game i have ever Bought/Downloaded! I love that game

Gummy (BL ID:33456)
2012-08-15 05:48:25
have you played minecraft!
2012-08-15 05:48:45
have you?
Xanderian2012-10-10 06:46:00
I have the game. Hey baddie, can you give me the old base files in the directory before v20? There are files in there that got removed and I kinda want them. It makes me feel bad not having them because I had to reinstall blockland for v21. :C
2012-12-05 05:06:17
Rex182013-01-09 20:48:08
He needs a doctor
Yin Yang2013-02-16 03:04:04
Hai der Im Yin Yang and im a real Blockland Player and that game is the best Online game i have ever Bought/Downloaded! I love that game

Yin Yang (BL ID:10630)

(But in all seriousness blockland is a god send (sent by badspot what does that tell you? :D)and even though lossing the maps was a royal bummer, i'll never stop playing blockland, even if it gets abandoned and noone plays it anymore)
Ambinet2013-05-02 18:21:48
"I told you it was a bad idea to give the blockhead teledoors."
Huckleberry Finn2013-07-02 18:12:47
kaspars2014-01-04 15:09:07
how to telepord trap block game hapen ko teleport love game
BL is epic but the way you banned me on BL forums means I cant fix my problem with Avatar Colour's now,
SalivalTheSecond2014-04-07 15:49:13
There is allways a reason to be banned,you weren't banned for no reason, your are just saying that so nobody would comment on your reason for being banned,belive it or not, you do deserve to be banned.Thats up to Badspot for telling you why you are banned.

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