Rotondo goes through a door, I fight a immobile tank by myself.

RW2012-09-16 04:16:06
What map/campaign is that?
Badspot2012-09-16 05:04:48
>What map/campaign is that?

Shadow Moses Island
Soukuw2012-09-16 15:59:10
Nobody likes Eliptats. :(
RarwMuffinz2012-09-19 02:03:23
Badspot are you ever going to put bot events back in BL? I want them back
Nexus2012-09-23 06:06:05
Rotondo's laugh is best laugh
Xanderian2012-10-12 04:34:23
dude, what is your steam? me wants.
HuNtEr2020-01-22 01:12:26
Boi dis iz noice
HuNtEr2020-01-22 01:14:22
2020 guys???

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