Rubbery ragdolls in APB.

Marcem2011-11-24 04:37:40
That is the best ending. "Can I suicide bomb and kill other people?"
Noblaum2012-03-04 20:15:18
You can make a ragdoll explosion in Tribes: Ascend by covering a grav cycle in land mines and driving it to the enemy base. I wish you could do that in the first two games. But the ragdoll physics is glitched (they may have fixed it) and a kill with a pistol sends a ragdoll spinning through the air.
Altiris2012-04-20 01:04:28
The voice that sounds like its in the Background is Badspot's I think.
Xanderian2012-10-12 06:00:09

The really loud one is rotondo's. The deeper one is badspot's.

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