Perennial 03

AgentCake2012-06-15 16:22:31
This is gonna be good! i want it now!
Tuevon2012-06-20 17:19:16
This looks pretty darn cool. What is the object of this game?
J_MASTER2012-08-23 04:24:29
Make Blocklanders crave the terrain =P

Or just having fun and testing your skills along with sharpening new ones. (Dev)
Devo2012-08-24 18:31:03
Now make the ground completely flat.
Gummy2012-10-21 17:41:19
I really want this... c:
Mr. Blue2012-12-12 04:20:30
Good job, This is a really good game. I really want it.
counter2013-09-21 22:21:31
Using in-game signs rather than pop-up doesn't constitute "teaching by level design". Usually this teaching-by-level design stuff happens at the unconscious level. Super Mario Bros. Did and does this already. Look at Braid. It's a great platformer, teaches by level design, and use time-manipulation in clever puzzles. The action-based plat former concept has already been dominated by titles like super mario brothers and psychonaughts. You could also go for a VVVVVV approach.

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