Brian Smith2013-03-24 00:38:32
Favorite part is the ending
"you'll be god when you...
Brian Smith2013-03-24 00:21:40
fuckin' brilliant"
Brian Smith2012-12-05 18:45:10
For the record, I got this running perfectly on CXZ Ebony.
Badspot, if you'd like the file I'll gladly send it to you, on Windows Computers it will be displayed as a folder.
Brian Smith2012-12-05 17:09:31
just ran it on Wine, it works great! Pretty fun even though I fucked up a lot, because i'm not good at games lol. Though really good job and I can't wait to see where this is going.
I may just make a wine bottle port for this if your OK with it.
Brian Smith2012-12-01 16:21:31
are you going to make a mac version :c
Brian Smith2011-12-06 21:25:31
Good job lol.
Brian Smith2011-12-06 21:23:04
Good one Badspot! Really funny :)