Goldstein2014-10-14 16:43:53
One more thing before I go;
"I deliberately sabotaged this image by moving her hand to the front, making it look like there are some shenanigans going on under the table."

Badspot is allowed to post about being a jerk on the internet, but we are not.

Yeah, I don't know what goes on inside Badspot's head either.
Goldstein2014-10-13 10:30:09
Only a Badspot-Magnitude idiot can liken "trolling" to toddler-punching ;)

we all love you here badspot, kisses4u xoxoxoxo
Goldstein2014-08-17 11:00:45
When it comes to retro gaming, it's 4:3 or nothing.
Goldstein2014-08-17 10:40:00
Woo, I'm happy it's been Greenlit. Glad to see Badspot moving to making new games.
Goldstein2014-07-16 16:06:48
"I like to steal things."
Goldstein2014-07-16 16:06:01
i'm now framing this and hanging it up on my wall
Goldstein2014-07-16 16:02:10
the next generation of blockland

come to think about it, i doubt we'll be seeing any more vehicles :(
Goldstein2014-07-16 16:00:41
Moving her hand was a douchey move. Nice art regardless. Haven't been on this website in quite a while.