Mustang2014-02-02 11:53:35
Erp Support?

I'm buying this.
Mustang2013-11-17 11:48:46

... Huh?
Mustang2013-07-31 20:41:25
Wow. Too short for comfort.
Mustang2013-07-31 19:52:59
This is a breathtaking brick. I would pay millions just to transport the ground within a 5 foot radius of this brick to my backyard.
Mustang2013-03-26 21:11:55
"For all those times you get...
Mustang2013-03-26 21:06:29
Sam B: "Damn dog, that zombie's hair looks swaggy"
Logan: "Hmm. It was swaggy, until I hit it with my Powerful Venom Home-Run Phoenix Machete!"
Mustang2013-03-26 12:07:11
(Excuse the excess posting...)

@Zach - inside your 'data' folder, you can find a series of .ogg files used in the Perrenial game, as well as sound effects, etc. You could listen to these files using a program such as Audacity. Also, you could replace the music in the folder or add your own. If you want to play your own music in the game, just modify the .map files of the map you want to play the music, and replace the first line with 'MUSIC [your music in the same directory].ogg'

Hope that helps.
Mustang2013-03-26 12:01:42
Funny. All your .tmx files are written in an XML format. Coordinates for the tiles, I presume? Well, It's fairly easy to mod, which is a good thing. Maybe I could add my own custom level sometime in the future when the Completed Version comes out.
Mustang2013-03-26 04:18:36
Also, very small glitch (I don't know if it's intended).
The sand blocks found on the beach, which can be moved with the shovel, would occasionally not disappear when I used the shovel. Also, using the shovel on some parts of the sand can cause the player to phase into the blocks. I don't know if this was meant, or anything else. Just observing.
Mustang2013-03-26 04:16:17
Took me an hour to beat it, plus modify a couple .map and .tmx files to make the game look 'classier.'

The moment I saw 'End of Current Build' at the end, I knew it was all lies.
And what I got?

Super Mario Land!
Mustang2013-03-26 02:41:57
Hmm. A very nicely designed game. I will buy it when it comes out, all so you can make a double profit and make a Perrenial II!
Mustang2012-05-24 17:35:47
I love how so many women get mauled in the chest and head by those tentacle/spike things.