nobody2020-10-09 21:13:15
Nobody2012-10-13 22:03:56
Why did this remind me of some offkilter episode of Marble Hornets?
Nobody2012-05-10 03:29:34
I'm reminded of the Penny Arcade comic where Gab concludes that the 'S' in Ralph S Mouse stood for shit.

Glad to see a comic again after... what months?
Nobody2012-03-11 15:35:21
Okay, so she's back, but this time you can actually win her over with a pat on the shoulder. Huh.
Nobody2012-01-11 15:08:51
I hope Bioware puts that reporter to good use in the final game. With Shepard on trial, she could be in the "anti" camp, get captured and indoctrinated by the reapers, then you finally get to kill her.