Back Comparison
On the left, Crimecraft: Bleedout does sexy back normal maps correctly.
On the right, APB: Reloaded doesn't.

Exposed spinal columns are not sexy.

Sleepy2011-10-02 06:06:26
Sadly, you wouldn't know that by looking at runway models or some of the actresses held up as paragons of beauty.

Peace : )
Bisjac2011-10-03 04:22:04
mmmmm sharp shoulder blades.
ZSNO2011-10-03 11:18:45
Silly APB
mackenzie2011-10-05 00:38:24
hey, at least they portray meth addicted hookers properly.
MP67672011-10-09 02:40:48
^^^ this
Cyphre2011-10-18 05:11:26
Thats because your made your APB character too skinny... you realize there is a slider for that?
counter2013-07-07 01:13:37
Your APB character is faaaar too skinny. My friend who plays this (Yes, she's actually a girl) has a normal and sexy-looking back map. Although she made her character's ass a little too big.

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