Comic Metal Gear Or Something
They also keep her from getting sunburned in her desert combat bikini top.

Comic 'Metal Gear Or Something'

Panel 1
Snake: How did you make your face change color?!
Quiet: [Chromatophors. I have octopus genes that let me change skin color]
Snake: Chromatophors!? Hunh. That could come in handy. But you can't talk?
Quiet: [Nope]

Panel 2
Snake: The perfect woman! [grabby hands]

Panel 3
[Snake is sprayed in the face with ink]

Concerned Citizen2013-06-29 20:10:34
Metal Gear Cephalopod
Counter2013-09-21 18:22:44
Badspot can draw men. He broke his first rule.
anonstoner2017-03-14 17:44:50
Ink Defense lmao

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