jcat2011-06-02 14:56:38
badspot your stupid. i hate you and i never wanty anything to do wtih blockland ever aggain!!!!!!!!!
jcat2010-02-12 18:23:06
also,if i buy a new key,are you going to deactivate it too?
jcat2010-02-08 21:45:53
i couldnt post anymore so here's the rest.
for what i caused i dont know if i deserve a new key,i would let you decide since the key is yours,not mine because you made it,didnt. i just requested it.
p.s. i never told my parents about my key being taken away because i dint know how to explain it to them under the state of shock and dissapointment i was in. you have any advice? should i tell them or just forget about it. im not sure, but all i can say is,i apologize. thank you for taking your devoted time to read this letter. thank you very much

jcat2010-02-08 21:39:31
badspot,i feel as if i owe you an apology for letting my friend use the key.and for the rest of my life i will always regret letting my friend use the key.and for all the times i tried to make new accounts, i know how stupid i was while doing those things,and for that,i am truly sorry and i would like to apologize for what i did.now i realize i can never go back and change what i did.i had the demo version from v10 til' v14 (current day). i was only into it for a while and then i moved on to other games.then untile summer 2009 i was bored as hell 4 days before school.i checked my pc and was kinda curious about blockland.i opened it up and waited for the update to go to v12. will confess that i became VERY obsessed with blockland,trying to build what i could under 150 bricks.soon it was on a sunday when i asked my dad to buy blockland.for the problems i caused for you and the blockland team,i apologize.would you accept my apology? i feel VERY depressed and upset not from you,but rather myself. thank you.
jcat2010-01-18 23:33:19
can i get a new key?
jcat2009-12-27 14:33:17
who the hell wrote that?anyways i want a second chance.ill keep the key 2 me.
jcat2009-12-27 14:32:29
WTF,where the hell did that come from?
jcat2009-12-25 19:26:29
plz! its christmas!YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!BADSPOT,you are the most idiotic drama whore on the internet.and p.s. my key works offline :P.i can't join games,but i got unlimited bricks asshole,so go to hell bitch.
jcat2009-12-22 23:56:03
i want a second chance badspot.please?
jcat2009-12-22 23:52:30
can i have another chance?
jcat2009-12-22 23:51:04
Badspot (IP: 2009-06-14 03:48:30Wait, so you're not gay but you want a man to suck your dick?
lol good one b-spot!
can i have a second chance?
jcat2009-12-22 23:46:33
can i have another chance? i promise i will keep the key all to myself
jcat2009-12-20 20:19:33
so if i take it off my friend's pc,can i have it back?
jcat2009-12-19 17:16:03
i want my key until christmas vacation is over
its my key,i bought it with my own $20 fucking bucks,and p.s. "russel" keeps calling me names over rtb.he has blockland too.he calls me names and threatning things.
jcat2009-12-12 21:22:27
can i EARN my key back?and if so,tell me how.
but if you wont let me,couldi have my key back for i week or more?mabey a day? idk,you set for how long i get my key back.
jcat2009-12-12 14:36:16
p.s. r u going to put these in bl?
jcat2009-12-12 14:35:07
p.s. keep checking here.
jcat2009-12-12 01:03:22
Jcat2009-12-12 01:01:24
just type it in the addressbar...
jcat2009-12-12 01:00:49
p.s. what is piracy?
p.s.. i have a new website.
check it out and rate
jcat2009-12-12 00:56:26
so if i take it of,can i have it back?
jcat2009-12-12 00:54:19
plus my second house.i have two houses.with a hp pavilion desktop.with another network too.do you want me to take that one off?ill take that one off if i have to.
jcat2009-12-12 00:52:04
ok??????????ill take it off.and if i do,can i have my key back?i promise to save it in my pc and lock it.(if you can)(can you?)
then ill find that paper,and rip it.if i can find it.hopefully.ok?
jcat2009-12-12 00:49:46
ok.i have three pc's.i used the key on my pc's.you might not believe me,but i already kicked my friends ass when i found out he was using my key.i had a paper(with my key on it) and he used it to write down my phone #.(he moved houses) then i was watching him wrtie it down when i saw my number written on the bottom.i should have said something,but he is too retarded to think that was the key,(i thought...)so next time i go,i will take off bl.and key.dts or cs. or what ever else its called...you probably think this is bullshit.i dont blame you,you dont have to believe me...but you can keep checking and see if its there.if you dont find it anywhere else you mi-WAIT!!! my third pc is connected to another networ also.i have at&t wireless.and the other pc is cable,it goes into the wall and other stuff.anyways,you can keep chcking,ill take it off soon.
jcat2009-12-11 18:35:57
so u cheated me?
jcat2009-12-11 00:17:16
Jcat2009-12-11 00:16:42
that guy should be a player type in bl.
jcat2009-12-11 00:12:57
so,uh.you agree?i mean,im not shittin' you.
jcat2009-12-11 00:11:28
i take back the sue thing.
jcat2009-12-11 00:10:17
and if i get my key back,ill learn to respect it.
and respect you.
and everybody else.
and take good care of it.
jcat2009-12-11 00:07:08
but,i dont feel like it
can i have my key back now?
i wont pull any more bullshit with you again.
ill stay off the forums.
ok?fAIR deal?
and i wont register up for bl.us forums.
ill only go to the forums to get addons,ok?ONLY THAT.I SWEAR TO GOD.
Jcat2009-12-11 00:01:39
fine,ill sue you 4 $19.95. seems like a fair deal.
jcat2009-12-11 00:00:51
wtf is piracy?