Riot2014-01-04 19:14:37
This is excellent, definitely brings out the Blockland spirit.
Creator572014-03-17 13:07:35
brings out the noob in me
Renderman2014-03-17 13:09:37
Juliun032014-03-28 06:23:35
Lol renderman we can see your IP you're also Creator
On topic: I love this trailer, it shows all the good things in blockland very well
Chappers2014-04-14 16:55:54
I love the bit 49 seconds in. Syncs perfectly with that sound!
The Red Beast2014-05-06 08:23:33
badspot in v22 please get the bedroom and dark bedroom back pleaze
dargereldren2014-05-10 01:51:31
@The Red Beast

Maps are not coming back. How many times do we have to say this?
BlockyCock2014-05-27 21:55:56
Quit whining,terrains,interiors,ect will never come back.You want terrain,go makea bricky one,if you want a less bricky one (it'll take time) make the terrain outta 1x1f bricks.Get over it,terrains will break shaders.
How to get a map:Download brick save
Simple.Problem solved,happy?
Rendermen2014-06-03 20:45:26
YoU NeEd To DiE.
Sugars2014-07-20 01:14:42
Nice trailer,

Also @both rendermen,
Both of you fail at trying to freak us out, cocksuckers.
Brickitect2014-08-10 20:06:03
I love it when the video starts showcasing the major builds like the titanic and Metropolis City (I think that's what it is)
The zombiekiller michi2014-09-13 11:06:38
hmmm nice tailer :D
2014-09-23 05:17:47
Actually a fantastic trailer.
Trussted2014-11-11 21:21:47
1:25 I regonize that guy in the front seat...
Trussted2014-11-11 21:22:42
1:34 That guy again!

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