Yin Yang2013-02-21 21:09:21
if you look closely on the top right banner on the website about blockland you'll notice that it says 0% off !TODAY ONLY!. that means that technically today is the only day you have to pay full price. every other day there's a discount :P i know its just a joke but still i had to point that out
Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:21:33
Nice, i'd love to play blockland on a arcade machine and the button led's change color if say your just walking they could be green and if you have the hammer out they could change red and brick selecter then blue ect.
Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:09:48
What is this?
Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:07:51
person 1: Carrots are good for your eyes!
person 2 puts carrots in eyes
person 2:YOU LIED TO ME

Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:05:38
"I told you giving the mouse coffee was a bad idea"
Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:04:04
Hai der Im Yin Yang and im a real Blockland Player and that game is the best Online game i have ever Bought/Downloaded! I love that game

Yin Yang (BL ID:10630)

(But in all seriousness blockland is a god send (sent by badspot what does that tell you? :D)and even though lossing the maps was a royal bummer, i'll never stop playing blockland, even if it gets abandoned and noone plays it anymore)
Yin Yang2013-02-15 22:00:18
Was that you? Nice.
Yin Yang2013-02-15 21:52:48
Isn't that your avatar on the blockland forums?
Yin Yang2013-02-15 21:51:21
lol wat