Altiris2012-12-21 17:08:04
Lol, you talk about not enough air and then you bring out a smaller case, im like "wtf?". Is it going to stay looking like a benchmark PC?
sparty2012-12-26 10:26:38
i cant wait to see this finished.
Yin Yang2013-02-16 03:21:33
Nice, i'd love to play blockland on a arcade machine and the button led's change color if say your just walking they could be green and if you have the hammer out they could change red and brick selecter then blue ect.
gula2013-03-09 14:04:27
hey we have the same shitty screwdriver set
Bricks2013-03-16 15:22:08
Badspot's hands are sexy.

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