Rednakin2017-07-20 09:49:21
Some punctuation in the first bubble is missing or wrong, but it's not misleading.
"you are, aren't you?"

also the post button is off screen on mobile portrait mode and can't be scrolled to.
Rednakin2017-06-29 09:36:33
the thing i complained about is now fixed.
Rednakin2017-06-27 04:45:37
I didn't check up on the forums for a week and it's broken.
Rednakin2017-06-16 10:05:01
The game window is misaligned. There's a lot of black space. I have a 1440p monitor.
Rednakin2017-01-22 04:19:58
I would pay $60 for Blockland on a modern engine.
Rednakin2016-12-06 07:17:38
I looked up "lathe chuck key" to see what you were talking about. After about 20 images of people getting gored by lathes, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably the short and wide T-shaped thing on the side of the big metal cylinder.
Rednakin2016-11-03 02:54:10
looking at some other photos, he is clearly loaded and his initials are "HK". It's definitely Hideki Kamiya who created the comic.
Rednakin 2016-11-03 02:43:16 link to the tweet itself.
Rednakin 2016-11-03 02:41:16
It is a mystery. The uploaders profile name is Hydeqi, he has a bunch of pictures of arcade machines, wouldn't be surprised if it was Hideki Kamiya himself.
Rednakin 2016-11-02 11:24:09 It's stickied on his profile. I got an issue with your site where the send button is hidden on mobile portrait mode if you type something in the chat box. My phone is Samsung galaxy s7.
Rednakin 2016-10-22 12:16:26
This is from Hideki Kamiya's twitter. The guy who made it tweeted it at him.
Rednakin 2016-09-22 02:08:17
neato dude! What will you build next?
Rednakin2016-08-17 03:37:38
I think it says "we're in" instead of "we go in"
Rednakin2016-02-13 13:25:54
The source version of Half-Life is considered "notoriously buggy" by a lot of people. The original version also has lots of mods and an active community, so I wouldn't consider the game "irrelevant".