Lathe Stand
I need a lathe for my robot project. The local maker space had a lathe, but it was crated up and they didn't have anywhere to put it. So I built a table for it using some 4x4 posts and available scrap wood.

It has not collapsed yet, so I think the project was a success. The manual says it weighs 419lbs. I bet it weighs 420 but they didn't want to print that.

Rednakin 2016-09-22 02:08:17
neato dude! What will you build next?
Badspot2016-09-22 08:35:45
Oh fuck me, I left the chuck key in the spindle.
Rednakin2016-12-06 07:17:38
I looked up "lathe chuck key" to see what you were talking about. After about 20 images of people getting gored by lathes, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably the short and wide T-shaped thing on the side of the big metal cylinder.

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