Dead Island Comic Dramatic Island
Don't worry, it's not rape if they're dead.

Dead Island Comic 'Dramatic Island'

Panel 1
Sam B: Damn dog, those bikini zombies were hot!
Logan Carter: They were until I hit them with my Brutal Makeshift Electric Machete! Bam! Quest completed!

Panel 2
Purna: Haha, I thought we'd never get the truck out of that tree!
Xian Mei: Time for another bottle of jack! I'm going for a world record!

Panel 3
Everyone: What'd you do today, Jin?
Jin: I got raped :(
Tiny Trombone Man: wah waaaah

Ben Grapevine2011-09-24 01:14:38
Bum rushed some of this game but the comic is so true.
MP67672011-09-24 01:36:15
Dammit now I want this game more :c
Xian2011-09-24 10:18:44
LMAO! So true!
Brickbot2011-09-24 18:01:46
I got raped :c
2011-09-24 21:59:41
I like how the Tiny Trombone Man makes a surprise appearance.
No2mad22011-09-25 09:32:23
Tiny Trombone Man is the best.
hankyje2011-09-27 00:22:55
Kilian2012-01-02 03:42:09
I felt...I don't know, badish for Jin, but then I stopped caring because I didn't care about the crappy cut-scenes from that game and focused on wailing on zombies with my sweet Kanabo.
BenCulture2012-02-17 20:48:25
Even if you have no sense of context for this strip, "I got raped" makes for a dandy punchline!
Mustang2013-03-26 21:06:29
Sam B: "Damn dog, that zombie's hair looks swaggy"
Logan: "Hmm. It was swaggy, until I hit it with my Powerful Venom Home-Run Phoenix Machete!"

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