Rotondo and I played the Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta. Everything is fine.

Nigga above has swag2013-07-23 14:58:54
Just cause 2 sucked ass though.
Eisbaer2013-07-24 07:03:46
You, sir, clearly have no idea what "fun" is. I am sorry.
Mustang2013-08-01 00:41:25
Wow. Too short for comfort.
DragonoidX2013-12-04 08:44:19
You need mils of subs. You guys are hilarious
um2014-02-10 19:27:32
Just cause 2 does not suck ass.
swaggin.yolo20042014-03-12 05:10:34
only in for the swag
Calem072016-07-09 21:49:36
"Oh no holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" -Rotondo
I3oop2016-08-09 01:20:49
rontondo is the happiest manchild on this floating rock that we call earth

he is the only one
2016-12-20 23:21:07
"Everything is fine."

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