Robot Drive Test
Combat robot drive test
I got my beetleweight combat robot prototype rolling around.

There are some problems.

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Other People's Comics
Web Comic Collection
I have stolen collected a pile of comics that I enjoy from the internet. Unlike almost everyone else that does this, I have also linked to the original artist's website when it is known and available.

If you have a better source for any of these comics, post it in the comments.

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Comic 'Guilty'
Hate Speech Comic
I drew this comic a while ago to make a point on the Blockland forums, but I didn't post it here because I was afraid that SJWs would call my boss and get me fired.

I recently remembered that I don't have a job.
Lathe Stand
Wooden Lathe Stand
I need a lathe for my robot project. The local maker space had a lathe, but it was crated up and they didn't have anywhere to put it. So I built a table for it using some 4x4 posts and available scrap wood.

It has not collapsed yet, so I think the project was a success.
Xbox Radio
Xbox 360 Radio Transmitter
I built a custom radio transmitter for my combat robot project.

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Beetleweight Robot Prototype
Beetleweight Robot
I am designing a beetleweight (3 lb) combat robot. This is a partially assembled acrylic prototype. There's still a lot of work to do before moving on to the final aluminum chassis.

Drivetrain and shell
Drivetrain closeup

Web Wanderer Recovered
Web Wanderer
I found a javascript/ASP thing I made a long time ago and ported it to PHP for posterity. It's still unfinished/broken.

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Steam Game Rankings
Steam Game Rankings
I have ranked all of the steam games that I own.

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