Beetleweight Proto 02
Next step is to cut the axles to length. Also add holes for the drive motors that I forgot. This is why you make prototypes.

Bricktronic2016-08-24 20:59:58
Huh, that's pretty cool. I didn't know you were into robotics. What languages do you know how to code in? I can do C++, TorqueScript (thanks to Blockland), and used to know quite some Lua. You may find it interesting that a few people and I are working on a Blockland - like game with the latest T3D. How did you set the bricks up? Surely, you didn't use static shapes..
Badspot2016-08-25 02:28:58
>What languages do you know
I mainly stick to c++, although occasionally I'm forced to use php or javascript. Once you learn one language it's fairly easy to pick up the syntax of another.

>Surely, you didn't use static shapes..
I used them for the prototype and you probably should too. Just to get off the ground as quickly as possible. To make them render fast you have to program a custom system and the design depends entirely on what you want to do and what you can implement.
Bricktronic2016-08-26 05:21:21
Bro you just made my day by responding with such hospitality. Thanks for that! And we are actually using static shapes for code-testing as of now, and one of us are working on a C++ brick system, so hopefully that turns out well. Thanks!! :)
Bricktronic2016-08-29 08:17:15
Just wanted to pass this by; modeling is a bitch, isn't it? I've had to redo the player 6 times so far, pretty frustrating. I like the way TGE's animations were set up better, it was less complicated.

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