Web Wanderer

Wanderer is a boulder-dash style puzzle game made by Steven Shipway in 1988. I enjoyed playing the DOS port as a child - some of the puzzles were quite tricky for a 6 year old but that gave a certain air of mystery to the later levels which I never saw.

In one of my college web development courses, when I was probably supposed to be doing something else, I spent a little time making a javascript clone of the game. This was before javascript cross compilers so there was no way to just run DOSBox in your browser, and the source code was not available at the time so I just poked around and reverse engineered the game behaviors. I didn't actually finish. Mainly I couldn't figure out the exact stack/queue method the falling boulders used, so I never got them to chain react properly. You can still stumble through the first few levels.

Arrow keys to move. Collect all moneybags then head for the blue X. If you get stuck, reload the page.

The original author of the game has made the DOS binaries and source code available on his site.

Pecon2016-08-18 09:56:53
Got this far on the first level.

I'm assuming the red door is a teleport to the blue circle thing. I wasn't able to figure out how to get to it without dying, though.

Pretty neat recreation.
Badspot2016-08-18 21:25:31
Push the two rocks to the side before entering the teleporter.
Bricktronic2016-08-23 04:35:05
Cool. Yo Badspot, ever since I was a child I've yearned to talk to you. Your game "Blockland" is my favorite game, thus is why I often mod for it. A few friends and I have started a game to be similar to yours, but don't worry, we're not copying anything. It's being made with the T3D engine (latest) from scratch. Just saying in case you find that interesting. Sorry to put this here, I don't know how else to get a message through to you. If you're interested in communicating, which I'm sure you're not, my steam is Bricktronic. Blockland name is Bricktronic.
Pecon2016-08-26 02:54:01
Came back and looked at this again today, no idea how I didn't see the solution last time.
Styx Gamer2016-10-18 02:07:16
Nice! It's pretty challenging, but I'll figure it out.

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