Paul2017-03-25 00:00:26
Hey man, thanks for a great program...people seem to invest more time and effort into getting hyperspin/mala etc to look pretty than actually playing old school games! I want to make one change but....i want a pic of my own cab on the launch screen - i can change the fg.png file easy enough but cant seem to figure out how to change the screen shot X Y position in config so i can line it up with my own graphic...any advice is much appreciated thanks
Paul2010-04-25 04:48:47
I think weed...:D
Paul2010-04-25 01:06:11
Paul 2010-04-25 01:04:24
I've done a 180, then into reverse.
It's called a "bootleg turn"
did it in a chevy.
Paul2010-02-21 07:24:47
This is so awesome!!! I love Weird Al!!{no homo}