Comic Shit 2
"Hey Ralph, wanna here a funny story?"

Comic 'Shit #2'

Panel 1
Mr.Movement: Ergh... 'scuse me I gotta go talk to Ralph on the phone

Panel 2
Mr.Movement: ... the big white phone

Panel 3
Mr.Movement: With my butt.

Darren2012-05-08 21:06:03
wat2012-05-08 21:34:47
Zookuw2012-05-09 17:03:51
How creative :')
2012-05-09 23:23:33
Took me two reads to get it.
Nobody2012-05-10 07:29:34
I'm reminded of the Penny Arcade comic where Gab concludes that the 'S' in Ralph S Mouse stood for shit.

Glad to see a comic again after... what months?

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