He can hear you.

Comic 'Heartstrings'

Panel 1
Mr.Clean: Ugh. Cobwebs suck.

Panel 2
Mr.Clean: Look at this thing, it's just a bunch of random strings everywhere. How could this catch anything? Why would something make this?

Panel 3
[A spider weeps as his life's work is physically and ideologically destroyed]

Captain Crazy2011-03-27 10:57:15
Poor spider!
derp2011-03-27 11:49:21
It catches dust. What could be more convenient?
Pliny2011-03-27 12:42:49
A web that catches flies.
2011-03-27 13:01:24
I don't think that spiders can cry.
Super Chao2011-03-27 13:58:10
i feel bad now :'c
Comr4de2011-03-27 16:33:13
Dawwwwww that spider
StarkMan2011-03-27 19:47:02
In the transcript, it says:
How could this cathc anything?
TheScout2011-03-27 21:41:17
This comic changes nothing.
Daddy Longlegs are still fucking creepy.
Freeze2011-03-28 16:49:47
Sara5952011-03-28 18:04:41
normally i hate spiders, but this one needs a hug, preferably by another spider
Lordy Lord2011-03-30 22:56:16
Daddy Longlegs are fucking cool, bro.
Kilser2011-03-31 21:08:35
He so saaaad
HellHound2011-04-01 14:21:21
Fact: Cobwebs help keep a house clean, as they catch dust. Without them, your house would be dusty.

Poor spider.
keesfani2011-04-03 18:15:42
Gtrolly2011-04-19 02:13:07
"For all the cobwebs I've seen in my life, I've never seen a cob."

Regarding cobweb building spiders
pictsie2011-04-19 11:15:30
spiderwebs are awesome...

plus..for arachnaphobes...having old spiderwebs everywhere can discourage new spiders...so eventually you'll have a house full of webs and no spiders...

i like spiders though...they eat the nasty things :)
Joustin2011-04-19 11:42:16
Spiders don't have thoraxes.
Christometh2011-04-19 13:50:03
That spider needs more eyes.
Kyp2011-04-21 06:14:17
Daddy Longlegs aren't spiders. Just fyi.
rufio2011-04-21 12:20:02
A web that catches...LIESSS
olivia2011-04-22 03:15:19
you just insulted that spider's home and livelihood! you bastard!
Jerico2011-04-23 18:20:54
Kyp is right. Daddy longlegs are insects which have 6 legs, spiders have 8 legs :P
Shadowed2011-05-23 15:56:50
Poor spider. ;-;
Skip2011-05-24 08:57:26
The Daddy Long Legs caught a broom with a person attached to it :D
Mady022011-07-18 19:02:46
Awwwww what a cute poor spider...And im not a girl
Fiesta!2011-08-10 14:23:46
Fiesta Spider :(
No2mad22011-09-11 16:02:46
pentax2012-03-23 23:30:57
whoever that guy is who ruined a perffectly good spider web should be eaten by a giant camel spider >_<.
Lozenge2012-07-18 17:21:19
I'm afraid of spiders
but I feel sorry for the little fellow

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