Female Character Model

Firefly2006-01-17 04:30:05
The good ol Aot model
-danicalifornia2007-01-02 02:06:32
STORECLERK LOL2008-02-07 04:15:18
Dude, these look 100x better than the current aot models....
Badspot2008-02-07 10:43:44
This [i]is[/i] the current aot model. The only difference is the face and the fact that it's rendered in max so it has fancy lighting and like 40x antialiasing.
No one inperticuler2008-04-01 23:53:01
I only clicked on this because I thought she looked topless...
anonymus2008-09-14 12:50:59
why are you did female charchter evrytime :(
Will Smith 2009-03-22 01:23:31
What program do you make this stuff on PLZ tell me??
lol2010-01-23 12:21:56
lara croft gone blonde :D

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