Pentax2012-04-06 16:00:51
well this was a big waste of time staring at the faces on the wall .
pentax2012-03-23 23:31:47
this should be a movie :D
pentax2012-03-23 23:30:57
whoever that guy is who ruined a perffectly good spider web should be eaten by a giant camel spider >_<.
pentax 2012-03-23 23:22:11
this had almost made me vomit . probably not the best thing to watch even though it is a cartoon . :P badspot how many random peoples servers have you been to on blockland just asking ?
pentax 2012-03-23 23:17:15
make some more stuff like this oh and are you ever going to change your hank
gif. on the blockland forums ?
Pentax2012-03-23 23:15:43
heh funny default characters never get that it will never stop .