Badspot2016-12-26 16:38:42
>I'd buy this

Not when you saw the price tag.
Bricktronic2016-12-24 13:47:56
Lmfao so true.
Bricktronic2016-12-24 13:45:38
This is impressive. I like how fast it goes lmao. Shit, I'd buy this.
2016-12-20 17:21:07
"Everything is fine."
@PixelCrunch2016-12-20 17:04:22
Just stop
kill2016-12-20 17:01:52
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 18:31:46
"The caring meter is down to 5! If it reaches zero, Care-a-lot is finished! And no one will care anymore...:

Fucking good...
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 18:27:13
Holy fucking Christ...
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 18:05:46
Dam...I've always been afraid of spiders, but this is a new level of fear...
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 18:02:37
The more compressed thumbnail looks like something from the Game Boy Color
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 17:58:26
Good job m8, you deserve two cookies for that, here you go!
:cookie: :cookie:
PixeCrunch2016-12-14 17:57:04
I can't go 3 hours without eating, that's why I have 3 snacks and 3 meals (duh)
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 17:53:02
In the first panel she looks like Pearl from Steven Universe
badspotet2016-12-13 19:18:49
helo i am the bad spot
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 17:15:30
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
2016-12-12 17:13:04
Why? Needs bigger boobs, and more jiggle
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:57:33
Nipple Destroyer 9000
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:56:49
I like the 3d effect of the sun, the clouds, and the buildings.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:54:17
can you tell me the name of the program? if not, then that's ok...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:53:15
that boob jiggle tho...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:52:00
Kompressor's a dick for removing the terrains and maps...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:51:04
I have seen the activities of a god...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:48:46
dang, I feel bad for the players who got into this shit
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:46:46
The woman's boobs are HUGE!
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:45:47
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:44:17
I have a -1 second rule, meaning a NEVER eat off the floor, like, ever...if it falls on the floor, it doesn't exist anymore to me.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:43:23
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:40:46
Oh god, now I'm TWICE as scared of Ebola now...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:36:17
True dat, fox...
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:33:24
When it's finished, are you gonna enter it in a tournament, or just show it off as a tech demo with your friends?
Shock2016-12-09 13:28:19
anyone ever figure out where the brick is
Bedpost2016-12-07 21:24:22
Do you know and trust anyone in this game other than Rotondo?
Mr. Motion2016-12-07 15:37:23
I know I'm kinda late to this, but is there a way to fix the problem with the blacksmith?
Rednakin2016-12-06 06:17:38
I looked up "lathe chuck key" to see what you were talking about. After about 20 images of people getting gored by lathes, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably the short and wide T-shaped thing on the side of the big metal cylinder.
AdinX⨿2016-12-05 16:29:20
This speaks to me on an emotional level

and I've lost touch with my emotions
STUPED WEEB2016-12-05 13:03:14
FUCKING KYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaksme2016-12-05 05:10:03
Where dem updates? ;(
Count2016-12-04 15:29:52
Still love this game soo much...
Badspot2016-12-03 18:55:08
Everything seems to be working. Sounds like a problem on your end.
Tragen472016-12-03 01:23:56
What is going on?! I can't join and blockland forum, and I can't authentificate with master server. Badspot did you stop blockland hosting???
Peebs2016-12-01 21:03:00
im back
all of u are gay2016-11-29 03:10:04
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fuck all yall
I hate you badspot2016-11-26 10:50:31
Your game is shit and i will ddos it
Clay Hanson2016-11-26 09:35:16
i'm not related to those users' personas, please stop asking me in game
squar2016-11-25 21:19:43
rip $30
Luigi2016-11-24 20:42:47
good god.
Help us now
Tanner2016-11-24 12:01:52
.this deserve I .you Thank
Jakob2016-11-23 23:29:26
Yes you do!
Badspot2016-11-22 19:09:55
"Bedpost kys" is GS1029, aka gamingstudios1029, aka supermarioRX1029
Bedpost kys2016-11-22 15:08:49
Bedpost please fucking kill yourself
Red Spy2016-11-21 23:35:17
Badspot save us
Bedpost2016-11-21 18:06:59
why is he back
Badspot pls ban
Tanner2016-11-21 17:41:46;u=150319
He's back.
Because it's hip to force memes.
Tanner2016-11-21 16:03:32
Never raise your hand before jump-roping.
admin2016-11-20 15:37:14
you are now BANNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Admin2016-11-20 15:05:20
Badspotted2016-11-20 15:04:23
Quadroline2016-11-20 01:58:52
Aaand that's double standards for you.
Blueham2016-11-19 13:09:22
Oh, sorry about that (3 messages above me), I don't see any problem now, should've refreshed.
Grend3l2016-11-18 03:13:33
I wouldn't call it playing. Joined one nullsec corp after another throughout four years of it and I utterly regret every second wasted on it. It was endless hours of putting up with the drudgery of hauling mining containers or sitting at a random gate waiting for poor bastards to come though. None of the epic battles nor political intrigue you see in the hype. It's day after day of working your arse off for no forseeable gain. And as for the community, I'm sure there are many others who would have a lot of unsavoury things to say about it.
Daily Reminder not to use your BL Key as a password.
pun skele2016-11-15 23:18:43
Coolguy322016-11-15 21:02:30
Did you pass?
willy2016-11-15 20:29:51
DoritoMcDew2016-11-15 17:03:13
It's educational!
TheWhiteSpaceMan2016-11-15 15:51:16
if only there could be more update... (im still playing blockland)
coolman2016-11-14 19:50:38
Can you Do Sick Call Of Duty Tricks
LegoTween982016-11-12 16:31:26
this is awesome, keep working on it
Sucks2016-11-12 00:42:45
Good concept. Reminded me a little of Tradwares. But it wasn't any fun to play. The EVE community is essentially 10,000 griefers with nothing better to do than gate camp all day. This is a horrible game primarily because it has a horrible community.
Nix2016-11-07 17:42:40
oh wow that's pretty nice
you should probably find a way to muffle all that noise though because it sounds like a dying car when it drives
also name it betelgeuse
AsteroidsRepackaged2016-11-05 22:18:09
Lookin' good!
Rednakin2016-11-03 01:54:10
looking at some other photos, he is clearly loaded and his initials are "HK". It's definitely Hideki Kamiya who created the comic.
Rednakin 2016-11-03 01:43:16 link to the tweet itself.
Rednakin 2016-11-03 01:41:16
It is a mystery. The uploaders profile name is Hydeqi, he has a bunch of pictures of arcade machines, wouldn't be surprised if it was Hideki Kamiya himself.
whole in dome2016-11-02 16:16:30
sned em hte d3 ilefays -
Badspot2016-11-02 15:14:52
That's just an image hosting site though, not really a source.
Rednakin 2016-11-02 10:24:09 It's stickied on his profile. I got an issue with your site where the send button is hidden on mobile portrait mode if you type something in the chat box. My phone is Samsung galaxy s7.
mann2016-10-31 19:16:32
why isnt blockland at the very bottom
nerds2016-10-29 21:33:19
Trogtor2016-10-29 13:41:25
then you keep pressing A and it restarts the dialogue
-Dave2016-10-27 08:27:54
Sick stuff, bro.
Why HB is doing here?2016-10-26 12:35:51
Good art.
d o a l e r2016-10-23 13:55:49
like me
Cool2016-10-23 13:18:26
Coolguy322016-10-23 13:14:30
Cheze2016-10-22 20:48:57
That's pretty cool.
tape2016-10-22 20:20:51
That's sweet :D
im2016-10-22 19:26:03
Badpost2016-10-22 19:20:38
You can thank the alts.
a person2016-10-22 18:30:29
Badspot2016-10-22 18:12:42
Can you find the original tweet?
Rednakin 2016-10-22 11:16:26
This is from Hideki Kamiya's twitter. The guy who made it tweeted it at him.
f2016-10-20 20:13:40
Styx Gamer2016-10-19 11:28:36
I don't mind that the game doesn't have any new updates. I keep to myself and mostly play on a password LAN server with my Brother and Cousins, so I don't get the drama... But this is very accurate.
Styx Gamer2016-10-18 16:52:27
I was sitting in class one day, and there was this bird beating it's head up against one of the windows. I'm pretty sure it didn't stop until he died.
Styx Gamer2016-10-18 16:50:04
^^^^ Too true, my friend.
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 21:35:18
I got this game in 2008/09 somewhere in there. I really got into it, and loved it!!! I've got so many good things I can say about this game, but not enough space. Thank you, Badspot, for making Blockland. You've inspired me to make my own game.
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 21:07:16
Nice! It's pretty challenging, but I'll figure it out.
Styx Gamer2016-10-17 21:01:12
Love it.
Quadroline2016-10-13 20:41:43
I once seen an edit version of this comic but everyone is from the Sporums (Spore's Community). Still true all the way.