Hey Paul!

-- Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

joe4112016-10-08 19:24:49
it's hip to fuck bees
Willymcmilly2016-10-09 12:09:27
Nix the Glaceon2016-10-09 12:57:06
watching this is really entertaining
Aqua Teen Cancer Force2016-10-09 12:59:24
what is this
Bedpost2016-10-09 15:13:07
paul is retarded. he was my steam friend for some reason.
PaulTheMurderer2016-10-10 16:51:18
"He was my steam friend for some reason"

Damn Bedpost, back at it again with the stupid ass lies!
Bedpost2016-10-11 23:35:10
Good thing you won't come back in a LONG time.
Tanner2016-11-21 17:41:46
He's back.
Because it's hip to force memes.
Bedpost2016-11-21 18:06:59
why is he back
Badspot pls ban
Red Spy2016-11-21 23:35:17
Badspot save us
Bedpost kys2016-11-22 15:08:49
Bedpost please fucking kill yourself
Badspot2016-11-22 19:09:55
"Bedpost kys" is GS1029, aka gamingstudios1029, aka supermarioRX1029
Luigi2016-11-24 20:42:47
good god.
Help us now
Peebs2016-12-01 21:03:00
im back

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