Comic The Wise Old Tortoise
The king of punchlines.

Comic 'The Wise Old Tortoise'

Panel 1
Wise Old Tortoise: Don't be too greedy in life! Money won't let you live forever, ya know!

Panel 2
[Mario collects 100 coins, gaining an extra life]

Panel 3
Wise Old Tortoise: Fuck.

Brian Smith2011-12-06 20:23:04
Good one Badspot! Really funny :)
FaceDavid2011-12-06 21:26:46
Jacobian1232011-12-07 23:44:43
Aha, too funny
Comr4de2011-12-09 09:20:46
Male characters?!?!?
WHITE KNIGHT2011-12-10 10:31:29
OMg badstop ur so great at drawing this is like nobel quality mastar
JesusFish2011-12-12 01:40:29
I love the attention to detail in the scenery. The screw in the green square is awesome.
2011-12-14 02:31:30
ahaha. clever and original
Boom2012-01-24 09:01:01
Quontos2012-02-01 18:02:30
It looks like Mario can overdose on shrooms and have a backup life to spare!
Sylvanor2012-03-28 13:04:53
Oh my!
This made my day!
Blooker2012-04-10 03:46:22
That Tortoise ain't wise no more.
Lozenge2012-07-18 15:34:05
Master Blaster2012-08-18 04:29:46
Oh god, I laughed. Bravo.
YourBuddyBill2013-02-10 07:14:43
This is hilarious. You win, Badspot.
Cool Boi2013-07-07 22:51:50
Top Lel
PixelCrunch2016-12-14 17:58:26
Good job m8, you deserve two cookies for that, here you go!
:cookie: :cookie:

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