Blockland Brick
The Blockland memorial brick.

Max43442011-08-21 00:10:00
Where is that brick?
SeventhSandwich2011-09-06 19:49:36

Oh jesus christ this better not mean what I think it means.
Lesrock2011-09-07 01:47:39
>Oh jesus christ this better not mean what I think it means.

Same. :C
Badspot2011-09-07 01:48:30
Good lord you people will read anything into anything.
.:FancyPants:.2011-09-07 01:57:51
That's our job; worry about cement and yell at people whos family members have died.
Bisjac2011-09-07 02:00:05
I bet there is treasure under that brick.
Tuevon2011-09-07 03:02:56
No really, where is that, your front yard? Jesus, hope not at a cemetary. :C
Clone v.1172011-09-07 03:17:44
I like basghetties
Gojira2011-09-07 09:51:28
If this means what I think it means...
Yosher2011-09-07 10:39:35
If everyone ever breaks that brick, I will freaking torture him or her in his/her sleep. After that, I'll grab a knife from his/her kitchen and slowly slice him/her open, as painful as possible.
Yosher2011-09-07 10:40:22
I meant anyone, not everyone.
lilwayne2011-09-28 20:59:09
im gonna get demo and in blockland its so stupid when we have to play slope and slate desert and skyland and bedroom dark and bedroom those are the stupid games i want to play demo
lilwayne 2011-09-28 21:00:10
fuck you gummybear song
lilwayne2011-09-28 21:00:50
um hello
MP67672011-10-22 20:04:35
The golden brick has officially been changed to the Red Brick!
mmmmmo2012-01-06 15:20:17
Darkness2012-02-07 18:59:35
Badspot, come to the rescue of this post!
Aaowf2012-02-11 20:13:27
What if every brick in Blockland had the website name printed on it?
Mustang2013-07-31 18:52:59
This is a breathtaking brick. I would pay millions just to transport the ground within a 5 foot radius of this brick to my backyard.
2014-01-27 23:15:03
Or you could just chizzle it in your own bricks with a hammer and a really big nail
2014-05-24 14:53:13
what's a blockland
JJstorm2015-02-19 19:09:30
Nice. How much did it cost? Lol
Lego Lad2015-11-08 20:17:43
we must find the location
Yosher2016-01-12 19:19:00
jesus christ what was wrong with me in 2011
Darth C3P02016-04-26 21:12:43
God took this too far, and god as in Badspot..
jigsteal2016-06-20 14:17:31
people still POST HERE!?
Blueham2016-08-24 09:41:47
You ok there Yosher?
Shock2016-12-09 13:28:19
anyone ever figure out where the brick is
urmumlol2016-12-30 18:04:10
What's the brick about?
-Dave2016-12-30 18:26:18
Insert Name Here2016-12-30 19:46:56
I wonder where this is located
succ2016-12-30 20:53:40
blockland is dead
shazoo2016-12-31 15:01:32
Nix the Glaceon2016-12-31 15:48:19
his porn collection is underneath
DedCock2017-08-05 12:39:16
rtb is underneath that shit
succ2017-08-05 12:40:01
cuccold piss off
id 2200812018-01-31 23:10:40
god i wish that were me
Sebi2018-04-12 09:46:38
has everyone given up on finding this
sonlinne2018-07-07 22:13:31
how the fuck are you supposed to even start to try to find it

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