Lathe Stand
Wooden Lathe Stand
I need a lathe for my robot project. The local maker space had a lathe, but it was crated up and they didn't have anywhere to put it. So I built a table for it using some 4x4 posts and available scrap wood.

It has not collapsed yet, so I think the project was a success.
Xbox Radio
Xbox 360 Radio Transmitter
I built a custom radio transmitter for my combat robot project.

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Beetleweight Robot Prototype
Beetleweight Robot
I am designing a beetleweight (3 lb) combat robot. This is a partially assembled acrylic prototype. There's still a lot of work to do before moving on to the final aluminum chassis.

Drivetrain and shell
Drivetrain closeup

Web Wanderer Recovered
Web Wanderer
I found a javascript/ASP thing I made a long time ago and ported it to PHP for posterity. It's still unfinished/broken.

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Steam Game Rankings
Steam Game Rankings
I have ranked all of the steam games that I own.

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Top 5 Things to Pull out of Your Ass
Anime Ass Pulls
Who has time for pockets? Japan brings us the latest techniques in arsenal concealment.

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Red vs Blue
Red vs Blue Article
I've investigated the competition between red and blue.

There are many unanswered questions. The article may be updated in the future, once technology has advanced sufficiently.
Mario Land Fun Released
Super Mario Land Remake
I made a remake of Super Mario Land!

It's free!

Check it out!
The Future Is Here
Back to the future 2015
It's finally here! All of the future! Also some shorter clips that may prove useful this year:
Why We Ban
Why we ban comic
There is a phenomenon where internet forum goers will post videos or stories of their anti-social exploits. No crowd reaction can correct their behavior - they have multiple psychological outs. The only way forward is banishment.

Naturally, this comic was inspired by the Blockland Forums.