Why We Ban
Why we ban comic
There is a phenomenon where internet forum goers will post videos or stories of their anti-social exploits. No crowd reaction can correct their behavior - they have multiple psychological outs. The only way forward is banishment.

Naturally, this comic was inspired by the Blockland Forums.
The Future Of Chickens
Chicken Weight Graph
Using the best available data, I have scientifically extrapolated the future weight of chickens.

The future is both terrifying and delicious.
Take Off Ebola Chan
Take Off Ebola-chan
I made a comic. I cannot un-make it.
Transparency Sorting Errors
Transparency sorting errors
Real-time computer graphics is nothing but a series of compromises. Here is a collection of transparency sorting errors in high profile games.

Is this interesting at all? Probably not, but I took the screenshots so why not post them.
Best L4D Text
Best Left 4 Dead Text
What is text? Zombies? Read ahead will be ready off alarm!
All You Can Eat
All You Can Eat Comic
A comic about Blockland.
Legions and Future War
Legions and Fwar
I have reorganized the games section.

I managed to pull together downloads for the old Legions and Future War prototypes, if for some reason you are interested in that.
Comic 'Anger'
Anger Comic
People on the internet sometimes acuse me of being anrgy all the time.

I have attempted to clarify the situation via an illustration.
Reddit Gets Drawn 2
I drew some more people on /r/redditgetsdrawn, this time non-evily.
Blue Snap Complaints
BlueSnap Complaints
BlueSnap, formerly known as Plimus, is an ecommerce provider with extremely questionable business practices.

Read about how shitty they are.
Steam Machine Unboxing And Setup
Steam Machine Unboxing
I went to Steam Dev Days and they gave everyone a steam machine, which is really cool and useful for development.

Of course with any beta product there are going to be problems.