All You Can Eat
All You Can Eat Comic
A comic about Blockland.
Legions and Future War
Legions and Fwar
I have reorganized the games section.

I managed to pull together downloads for the old Legions and Future War prototypes, if for some reason you are interested in that.
Comic 'Anger'
Anger Comic
People on the internet sometimes acuse me of being anrgy all the time.

I have attempted to clarify the situation via an illustration.
Reddit Gets Drawn 2
I drew some more people on /r/redditgetsdrawn, this time non-evily.
Blue Snap Complaints
BlueSnap Complaints
BlueSnap, formerly known as Plimus, is an ecommerce provider with extremely questionable business practices.

Read about how shitty they are.
Steam Machine Unboxing And Setup
Steam Machine Unboxing
I went to Steam Dev Days and they gave everyone a steam machine, which is really cool and useful for development.

Of course with any beta product there are going to be problems.
Blockland Art
Blockland Card Art
You may know this already, but I made a game called Blockland.
Now it is on steam.

I also made some pictures for the steam trading cards, which you can see here. Don't miss the trailer at the end there, which I did not make, but it is super cool.
Reddit Gets Drawn
Rusty Hearts Walk Gif
A while ago I drew some people on /r/redditgetsdrawn
COD Infographic Vandalism
COD Infographic
I scribbled some snarky red words over a Call of Duty infographic.
Spelunky Comic
Spelunky Comic
The method of acquiring health in Spelunky is questionable.
Badspot And Rotondo Play 'Just Cause 2 Multiplayer'
Just Cause 2 Multplayer Video
Everything is fine. No one was hurt.
Glitching Out In Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tomb Raider Glitch Video
Recorded some pretty good spazzing out in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.
Badspot And Rotondo Play 'Cry Of Fear'
Cry Of Fear Gameplay
Rotondo and I played the free game "Cry of Fear" recently.

Rotondo recorded some representative footage.
Comic 'Metal Gear Or Something'
Metal Gear Solid 5 Comic
Anyone can make a comic about a game's plot points after we know what they actually are. I've based this Metal Gear Solid V comic on pure speculation from this moment in the trailer.
1 Week Super Mario Land Remake
Super Mario Land Remake
I spent the past week creating a remake of gameboy classic, Super Mario Land. This video shows me playing through the first level and then some unfortunate checkpoint behavior at the end since there is no second level.

Comic 'Monacular Degeneration'
Monaco Comic
A comic about Monaco.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 8'
MAME cabinet
Assembling the custom aluminum parts for the control panel of my MAME cabinet.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 7'
MAME cabinet
Prototyping the new control panel on the cheap, and then getting the final parts on the not-cheap.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 6'
MAME cabinet build
Replacing the cam locks on my Gauntlet/MAME cabinet and repairing the damage to the rear door.
Video 'How To Stealthily Dispose Of A Body'
Velvet Assasin Animation Glitch Velvet Assassin, a video game.

Just a quick animation glitch I ran into.
Video 'Badspot and Rotondo Play RE5'
Resident Evil 5 Final Boss
Rotondo and I played through Resident Evil 5.
We survived, and so did the "F" key.

But just barely.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 5'
Mounting a PC in the arcade cabinet.

Simple case replacement turns to amateur carpentry.
Perennial Prototype Released
Perennial Indie Platformer
I've released a prototype build of my hip new indy platformer Perennial

You can also vote for it on greenlight.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 4'
Flat Arcade Bezel
In this episode, I replace the old bezel in my Gauntlet cabinet with some custom laser cut acrylic to accommodate the flat CRT.

It end up costing $83.87, more than a standard bezel for sure, but I think the results are worth it.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 3'
Arcade Buttons
Taking a look at some different types of arcade buttons for my Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME cabinet conversion project.

Sanwa, Seimitsu and IL buttons and an RGB lighting solution are poked at.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 2'
Arcade Power Supply Gauntlet Arcade Boots Up
In this episode, I perform a power suppply autopsy, make legal use of a mame ROM and battle molex connectors.

Broken into two parts because I re-recorded the first part on my new camera.
Video 'Gauntlet Dark Legacy MAME Conversion Part 1'
MAME Cabinet
I acquired a 4-player Gauntlet Dark Legacy arcade cabinet and have set out to turn it into a MAME cabinet.

In this episode I poke things and generally don't know wtf.
Video 'How To Fix A Printer'
How to fix a printer
A detailed technical reference for repairing the HP C5280 ink jet printer.
Comic 'Tastes Like Rogue'
Shit Comic #1
A comic about Rogue.
Misc Crap
Rusty Hearts Walk Gif
Some miscellaneous junk.
Top 5 Terrifyingly Fast Robots
Robot GIF
In the future, you will be replaced by an animated gif of a robot.

The future is now!

Read >>
Animated Gif
floating head eye lasers
You want gif?
Two For One Comics
Shit Comic #1 Shit Comic #2
Thanks to brilliant new cost saving measures in both the art and writing departments, I've produced two comics for the price of one!

I'm passing the "savings" directly on to you, the defenseless consumer.
Free MMO Junk From PAX 2011
Kongregate CCG
I was throwing away some junk and found these MMO related promotional codes from PAX 2011. First come, first served.
Phone Books
Phone Books
Phone books. Other detritus.
Mass Effect 3 4th Ending
Mass Effect 3 Secret Ending
I discovered a secret 4th ending to Mass Effect 3!
Mass Effect 3 Cutscene
Mass Effect 3 Hackett
I completed Mass Effect 3. Here is my favorite cutscene (no real spoilers).
Animated GIFs
carrot eye stab
Some animated gifs:
Comic 'AS 204'
apollo comic
I have produced a comic that few will understand.

Feel free to look it up on wikipedia and then pretend that you got it.
Saints Row 3 Dentistry
Saints Row 3 Girly General
People in Saints Row: The Third are proud of their teeth.
Claymore In A Nutshell
Claymore Anime
Claymore is a show about the dire consequences of living by the sword.
I have summarized the parable in a video.

Spoiler: Shit gets chopped off.
Mass Effect Comic 'Mass Media'
Mass Effect Reporter Punch
Today we explore the unique relationship between a lady space captain and her favorite TV reporter.

A deep, life long bond that blossoms over time.
What's Wrong With Eve
Eve Review
Some time ago, in an apparent fit of DSH, I attempted to play EVE Online. Afterwards, I attempted to complete the trial experience survey and realized that my huge rant could not fit into the "other" option box provided.

I have compiled my thoughts Here >>
Comic 'The Wise Old Tortoise'
tortoise comic
Giant tortoises are one of the world's longest living animals. What wisdom does their years bring?

An elder speaks in this very comic.
Interactive Advertising
I spotted some interactive (?) advertising in the Charlotte airport.

Look at it.
Skyrim Trip
Skyrim Video
I have been to Skyrim and I recorded a video.
I also took four beautiful screenshots and a screenshot:
Human Cadaver Research
APB Strange Ragdolls
Observations in post mortem pseudo-disarticulation phenomena courtesy of APB: Reloaded.

Articles Section
I have added a new section to the site for articles that I have worked on.

Read them or don't.
Cheetara Pinup
I have produced an image of Cheetara.

Break out the "Thundercats Ho" jokes.
Battlefield 3 Video
battlefield 3 beta glitch video
Battlefield 3 Beta gameplay highlight reel and some screenshots:

Battlefield 3 No Names Battlefield 3 No floor Battlefield 3 clip bug
Quick Lesson In Sexy Backs
back normal map comparison
There's a right way and a wrong way to make an attractive female back.

Two free to play games I tried recently illustrate both methods.
Dead Island Comic 'Dramatic Island'
dead island comic
Today we explore the emotional incongruities of Dead Island.

Warning: This comic contains spoilers for the Dead Island "story".
Comic 'Mea Cloga'
clogged toilet comic
One way that cell phones have changed the world is by making it hard to tell what people are doing in hastily drawn comics.

This is a comic about toilets.
PAX 2011
I went to PAX and have recorded some images. Things you wont see anywhere else! (because they are trivial and dumb)
Jessica Rabbit Pinup
I have produced an image of Jessica Rabbit.
Dragon Nest Highlights
Dragon Nest Character Rotate
I attempted to play the action-ish MMO Dragon Nest. This was the only highlight.

Sort of in the same way that a huge crash is the highlight of every NASCAR race.
Tomb Raider Trick
Tomb Raider Flip
I did a wicked flip in Tomb Raider: Anniverary and made it into an animated gif.
L4D Comic 'Triage'
L4D Comic
I made a comic about Left 4 Dead. It is not about pills.

Panel 3 is a comic in itself. I debated just having that panel. It certainly would have saved on drawing time.
SDL Platformer
I've been working on 2D platformer for a while now using SDL/OpenGL.

Here is a video of it for you to look at.
Comic 'Weight Loss Plan'
Weight Loss Comic
A comic about losing weight. I can feel the spam bots closing in on those juicy keywords already.
Comic 'Five Second Rule (A Haiku)'
five second rule comic
A comic about eating.
Portal 2 Mystery Turrets Post
Portal 2 Turret Trick
Portal 2 is great, but there are few extracurricular challenges.

We came up with one of our own.
Comic 'Lifestyle of the Modern Earwig'
Earwig facts
The result of much research.
Comic 'They Wait'
Headphones Comic
The third entry in the arthropod series.

This comic is not a joke. It is a stern warning.
Comic 'Heartstrings'
Cobwebs Comic
The second installment of my comic series on insects.
Comic 'The Spidey Sense'
Spidey Sense Comic
This is a comic about Spider-Man. If you have not seen the first Spider-Man movie you may not understand it. If you still don't understand it you're probably thinking too hard.

Any browser other than internet explorer recommended due to animated gifs.
Comic 'Dear Steve Jawbs'
iPad Comic
There is a phenomenon where once you have one solution to a problem, your ability to think of alternate solutions is impaired because your mind considers the problem solved.

I encountered this phenomenon when titling the strip.
Mass Effect Comic 'Medical Results'
Mass Effect Medical Comic
The fearsome spectre of continuity appears.

A sequel to the previous comic.
Mass Effect Comic 'Medical Supplies'
Mass Effect Medical Comic
I like how in Mass Effect, an almost-certain-death mercenary mission might pay 500 credits which is barely enough to buy a pet fish.

This comic is not really about that.

Maybe it should have been.
Comic 'Pseudonymity'
Pseudonymity Comic
A comic on the subject of pseudonymity.

Also a new font at the top to make the page look less like a computer generated domain squatting site.

Also twitter.
Super Meatboy and L4D2 feats
Super Meatboy animation
I cleverly dodged a rocket in Super Meatboy. Then I played Left 4 Dead 2 and some things happened.
Left 4 Dead 2 Secret Gun Left 4 Dead 2 How to die
Comic 'This is not a valid activity'
Troll Comic
I made a comic.

Really, I just owned and operated an internet forum for several years and the comic made itself.
I Made An Emulator Front End
Emulator Frontend
I made an emulator front end. I was forced to do this because all other emulator front ends are crap.
Creepy Behavior Recognized And Reinforced
Tara Long Destructoid
I made an animated gif of Tara Long of Destructoid fame and posted it on 4chan (local mirror). She saw it and mentioned it on the show. Thus my creepy internet behaviour is rewarded. I know there is a specific psychological disorder where you think people on tv are communicating directly to you and you impart personal significance to insignificant things that they do, but I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, now I have that.
Extremely Important Update
Mass Effect Eyeballs
I took some screenshots in Mass Effect.

Also here are a few panels from previous comics that I felt bad about cropping.
Mass Effect Comic 'Worn Down and Dirty'
Mass Effect Comic
I didn't want to make another Mass Effect comic, but it turns out if you make any Mass Effect comics at all you are legally obligated to make a joke about this scene before the end of the fiscal year.

While obsessively milling through my analytics, I found a site that had one of my comics translated into Spanish. Kind of surreal. I guess people appreciate the typed transcripts? It makes me wonder - how many people reading this don't speak english? If you don't speak english, type some incomprehensible gibberish in the comments.
Comic 'The Other Side'
Homeless Man Comic
In the interest of equal time, I present the other side of the argument shown in the previous comic.
Comic 'Checking Out'
Grocery Store Comic
I don't know how widespread this is, but the grocery stores around here implement this sort of predatory donation tactic where they ask you to give your change to some charity. They do this even if you are paying by credit card and the "change" is just an arbitrary number rather than a set of physical objects that would inconvenience you.

You must either lose money or have a -1 social interaction with a person. This is the same tactic that bums use except bums are usually filthy cretins that can easily be brushed off as non-human. Grocery store clerks are usually normal people that will trigger the socialization cues in your mammalian neocortex.

Luckily my social interaction score has bottomed out so I am indifferent to further penalty. The girls demonstrate a different coping mechanism in this week's comic.
Terrible Video
Spider Video
I recorded a video. In my apartment. Where I live.
Comic 'More Gambling Hazards'
Gambling Comic
Old themes wrung out for cheap laughs revisited.
Comic 'Word of the Day'
Word of the Day Comic
Interestingly, panels 2 and 3 can be swapped and the comic will still work. I chose this order because of the of the effect on the implied panel that occurs between the two.
Motoko Kusanagi Pinup
Motoko Kusanagi
I drew Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell to compensate for the stick figure comic. Also I think someone requested that I draw her once.

Update: 1920x1200 Wallpaper.
Comic 'A Little Too Charitable'
Childs Play Comic
I went to PAX. Then I made a comic about child's play. I also took a picture of saddest booth at the show.
Comic 'Master Plan'
Master Plan Comic
Listen, I don't know what I'm doing here either so don't ask.
Comic '1 of 50'
50 sex tricks comic
The first in a 50 part series. Not really.
Comic 'A Compelling Statistic'
lol misogyny
To hell with putting effort into things.
Comic 'These May Exist'
Evangelion Comic
Continuing the trend of comics that appeal to as few people as possible, a comic about Neon Genesis Evangelion merchandising.
Comic 'Silencer'
Gun Comic
This comic is kind of stupid. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but three characters in each panel meant that the artwork requirement was huge.
Comic 'Biodegrading'
Paper towel comic
I was on vacation this week so I only spent the last 5 minutes making this comic.
Comic 'Gun Ownership No1'
Gun Comic
I have produced a comic about responsible gun ownership.
Comic 'Ovophagy'
Cadbury Egg Comic
I have produced a comic about eating eggs.
Comic 'Of Dogs And Men'
Lost Dog Comic
I have produced a comic about another comic. If you google search for lost dog, two different live reenactments of this comic appear on the first page. Something about it must strike a chord.
Comic 'Guitar Heroine'
Guitar Hero Comic
Harmonix is announcing a new Guitar Hero game that features some innovative accelerometer based gameplay. They asked me to do a comic about it.
Mass Effect 2 Comic 'Cycle'
Mass Effect 2 Comic
More comic misfortune in the world of Mass Effect. This completes an entire row on the comics page!
Mass Effect 2 Comic 'Vanguard of Seduction'
Mass Effect 2 Comic
It occurs to me that Samara's costume is ridiculous. When I draw her I feel like I am drawing a cross between Ronald McDonald, Wonder Woman, and Skeeter from Doug. This comic is not about that.
Mass Effect 2 Comic 'Boss Rush'
Mass Effect 2 Comic
A Mass Effect comic. End game spoilers for Mass Effect 2.
Mass Effect 2 Comic 'Collectable'
Mass Effect 2 Comic
A Mass Effect comic. Did anyone else feel bad for the collector leader when base was getting blown up? It's not his fault - he was doing the best he could with a wasp nest style space station made out of chewed up paper and mud.
Mass Effect 2 Comic 'Liquification'
Mass Effect 2 Comic
Mass Effect comic. About pods. Again.
Mass Effect 2 Comic 'Pod Acquantances'
Mass Effect 2 Comic
Another Mass Effect 2 comic. Spoilers for the end of the game I guess.

It's all about who you know. If you know the main character you've got an even chance.
Mass Effect 2 Comic
Mass Effect 2 Comic
I have finished Mass Effect 2 and I have written a comic about it. The galaxy is a lonely place for renowned murder and space-bisexual Bambi Shepard. In fact at this point she's pretty sure she's a space-lesbian.
How Difficult Is A Handbreak 180
Handbreak 180
While playing Just Cause 2 with a friend, the following question arose: Just how difficult is it to do a 180 in a car? Can you just jump in a regular car and do it?
I recorded a video of my first attempt.

Try it at home!
Quick Design Lesson From Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider Comparison
While taking screenshots of Playstation games for my emulator front end, I noticed something interesting in the Tomb Raider series.

Read >>
Rambo Animation
I made a YTMND with Rambo content and struck gold! 6000+ views and a 4.5+ rating. The banter in the comments is just what I hoped for too.

Caution: Somewhat gross.
Google Analytics Q And A
Google Pie Chart
Using google analytics, I can what people were searching for when they arrived at this site. Sometimes their search request takes the form of a question, so I'm going to answer those questions now.

Read >> Article #2
Power armor animation
Another article I wrote with Ben Garney about MAME games is now up on

This one is about lessons you can learn from "wacky sports" titles.

In one of our early drafts, the paragraph discussing the entertainment benefits of adding anti-personnel mines to the standard baseball diamond contained a link to this PSA. We then referenced this later on by using the same link text but lamented the fact that there was no equivalent PSA for piledriving. Pure comedic genius if you ask me, but the editor at game dev did not think it was "appropriate" or whatever to make fun of blowing up children. So if the article seems like it's short two tasteless jokes, it's because it is.

Give it a read.
Ponytail Hypothesis
Ponytail intelligence comic
I have observed a correlation between hair style and intelligence and summarized my findings in the form of an image.

I have also created two unrelated images depicting females:
upskirt pinup castlvania astarte
More Psylocke
psylocke animation
I tried my hand at this HD remix thing.

Could have gone better but it's still above some of Capcom's efforts. Article
king of fighters 99 screenshot
An article I wrote with Ben Garney about MAME games is now up on

It's about game design lessons you can learn from old arcade games and how once again 99% of everything is shit.

Give it a read.
Poison's Pants Status
poison's pants spotlight
According to an article on Kotaku it is now officially a trap and not just a censorship dodge.

So if you've looked at this picture you are now officially gay in Japan.
Marvel Vs Capcom 3
psylocke animation
I found this rather incredible image on a certain popular anonymous image board. The story is that it's a leaked sprite from the as yet unannounced Marvel Vs Capcom 3. This story seems plausible given the quality of the animation.

There was also some speculation that it is a MUGEN sprite - but that seems highly unlikely as most MUGEN sprites I've seen are either straight rips or hideous edits of existing game sprites and this appears to be new, proffessional work.
Stop Re Skinning the Standard GUI
Fuck ATI and their damn catalyst control center. All I want to do is change the damn gamma setting on my video card, not spend 30 seconds loading some extreme leet skinz that you designed and a 3D preview that could easily be replaced by a still image. I know it's boring to write control panel software all day, but it's supposed to be boring. It's a control panel, not a game. Speaking of games, you can start Blockland and connect to a multiplayer game in the time it takes to load the ATI catalyst control center. It takes so long to load they have a splash screen. A splash screen. For a control panel.

The gamma adjustment doesn't even work properly. Sure there are separate adjustments for desktop and fullscreen 3D, but if you use windowed 3D, it resets to the default setting and you have to restart the goddamn control center (and wait 30 seconds) to reset it.

ATI isn't the only one guilty of this. Creative Labs, Turtle Beach, Apple, Microsoft - they're all guilty of mutilating the standard interface for the sake of some imaginary "coolness" factor. Nvidia is a little better, but they still don't use standard windows elements. Creative Labs is guilty of far greater crimes which I can't go into detail on because I swore off them years ago.

Bottom line: Make the driver do what it's supposed to do as simply and effectively as possible. I buy hardware as a means to an end, not an end in itself.
How big is your font directory
The Perfect Game
The current definition of a perfect game in baseball is that the no one on the opposing team reaches first base. The pitcher allows no hits, no walks, and no hit batsmen, providing the maximum benefit with the minimum effort. I propose a new definition in which the goal is to inflict the maximum amount of physical and emotional damage on the opposing team.

Each inning, the pitcher begins by intentionally hitting 3 batters to load the bases. He then proceeds to get three outs in a row with no runs scored. Perhaps with the cooperation of his own team, the score would remain 0-0 well into extra innings allowing for more time for him to pummel the enemy batsmen. The ultimate goal would be to injure all of the players on the opposing team to the point where they are unable to continue and must forfeit the game.
Next Gen Moon Landing
I've heard stories about how when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, people were completely stunned. Elderly people at the time had grown up without cars had lived through the invention of the airplane and now there were people walking on the freakin' moon. I am somewhat envious of this as thus far my own lifetime has been devoid of such marvels.

This got me thinking about what sorts of events would have a similar effect on me. Landing on mars wouldn't do it, cause we already know that it's possible (it would just take a huge pile of money). It would have to be something new. Here's a list that I may add to later:
  • Passing the Turing test
  • Creating a visible, stable quantity of a new type of matter (transuranic elements, exotic matter, metallic hydrogen, etc)
  • Artificial generation or absorbtion of gravity
So now you can leave comments on any image that is posted through the gallery system. Finally, the 5 people who visit this site weekly can argue with eachother.

There's also a really hard to see link in the navigation bar that lets you see the recent comment activity.
Update 2
Finished a few more pictures and put them up in the artwork section. Man this site is functional but the design is weak. Good thing no goes here.
I've added a ton of pictures to the galleries, be sure to check them out.  This asp image gallery thing is great.
Big Update
Revamped the entire site using CSS for layout instead of tables.  I also added an ASP driven image gallery that automatically creates the thumbnail pages.  Its going to be a lot easier to make updates now.  The page should load faster too.