Quote2006-04-23 16:58:36
"Enjoy your purple nurple Tom"
lab6472006-06-03 13:39:59
lol2006-10-18 12:09:53
guy2007-04-03 04:44:27
Big nipple, since it's open so wide
Darren2008-11-10 14:59:03
Nipple Criple xD
InsertNameHere2009-07-03 12:45:35
Ouch. Nipple pwnzer machine. >_<
Alex2010-01-31 12:18:58
lol darren you had to bring that up xD
Hydralisk2010-07-05 11:15:12
Looks like Protoss technology.
Kivi2010-08-26 19:11:02
Name2011-05-10 18:37:55
Oh god, I exploded from laughter. I can't stop laughing.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 15:57:33
Nipple Destroyer 9000

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