Blockhead229592018-05-22 19:40:01
Big Gay Avalre2018-05-22 13:09:44
lol this is seriously still up?
hamilton_fangirl2018-05-21 20:58:28
Very nice instructions.
bbcode lol2018-05-21 20:55:19
go the fuck to sleep
Ayebee1232018-05-21 19:55:19
he's going insane we must help him
SPRITE2018-05-21 10:39:02
Nevermind, it's in the description.
SPRITE2018-05-21 10:37:37
I wonder what movie this is from?
Superfun9092018-05-21 09:39:12
i'm so confused right now.
what2018-05-21 09:30:25
I think I can hear the blockland word gun thing in the background
crazy543112018-05-20 22:33:14
okay then gnite!
rtbland2018-05-20 22:32:15
greenbh2018-05-20 22:20:23
what the fuck is this
Pie Crust2018-05-14 11:59:31
look ma! I'm on TV!!
erlgmkgv2018-05-13 19:29:08
lena2018-05-12 17:10:52
damnit this place died already
potatoh2018-05-12 16:00:52
sends shivers down my spine
lena2018-05-12 15:59:33
a horrifying thought indeed
lena2018-05-12 15:59:24
inb4 someone makes blockland 2 or "rewritten" just like those fucks that made club penguin come back
Blockland Forums 22018-05-12 15:58:10
hey... im still alive
Potatoh2018-05-12 15:57:47
Is blockland retail beta still availible?
can someone post it for archiving?
Blockland Forums2018-05-12 15:57:41
hey.... im still alive
piss2018-05-12 15:57:24
the kidalex manifesto
SPRITE2018-05-12 15:56:50
i'm kinda disappointed that badspot forumbanned people for putting an image with a bbcode exploit in the signature. it's barely harmful.

i dislike how he banned major contributors to the game too but alas we have *borrowed time* aka badspot doesn't really care about bl or blf anymore

just gonna post this here if badspot does read this and has second thoughts
Your Mom2018-05-12 15:56:27
kidalex90 did it
lena2018-05-12 15:55:45
ok it wasnt that permanent
its just down for maintenance
an exploit with bbcode i heard
Potatoh2018-05-12 15:55:12
holy shit what happened
lena2018-05-12 15:54:54
blf may be gone
but blf2 is forever
Punished Rally2018-05-12 15:53:19
table list table list
Clay Hanson2018-05-12 15:53:17
edd2018-05-12 15:53:04
rip blf
Ana2018-05-12 15:53:00
no you fucking dont
lykakspars2018-05-12 15:52:52
r.i.p me...
Bot2018-05-12 15:52:48
Hi. I'm back from the grave
welp2018-05-12 15:52:17
i guess we're coming back here
sebi2018-05-12 15:52:11
this is the bbcode situation right now fucking 13 people banned as i type this
craftersshaft2018-05-12 15:51:00
hello bcc
lena2018-05-12 15:50:16
i wonder if it tastes like people if someone has fallen in recently
d2018-05-12 15:48:46
go away
lena2018-05-12 15:48:25
i'm not interested in the people sinking
i'm interested in the quicksand
that stuff must be DELICIOUS
d2018-05-12 15:46:30
if you get boners at people sinking in quicksand i dont think i want to be around you
it's me back from the grave2018-05-12 15:44:02
haha hows your day been friends
d2018-05-12 15:38:06
here we are again, gosh darn bbcoders
superfun0962018-05-12 15:26:10
im fucking gay
Blood Man2018-05-12 15:20:22
i promise you............................. revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fatboy2018-05-12 15:19:11
BLF down for maintenance. Back here I guess.
Blockbyte2018-05-12 10:52:26
THEMEMEMEN2018-05-08 14:37:56
starfy2018-05-06 19:36:39
smbf looks great
Glass Tony2018-05-02 10:24:50
>I'm probably going to call it Hidamari because it is cute.

Yellowfang ID:1837372018-04-30 19:36:23
Man I wish this game can become popular again...its sad seeing its dead.. R I P : BlockLand
Server (Gavin)2018-04-24 02:38:40
Are you going to update blockland or make a blockland 2 :))???
Sebi2018-04-12 09:46:38
has everyone given up on finding this
BlockAlpha2018-04-10 16:47:10
Where can I find a thread or some post that explains exactly why Badspot wants to stay the game like it is now? (without any special updates or something?)
Agent Orange2018-04-10 06:26:45
I'm here for Vietnamese children.
[email protected] M32018-04-09 17:44:12
bb code
Badspot2018-04-09 00:03:20
This is a single existing cabinet that I have converted to MAME and replaced the control panel on.
INH2018-04-08 23:37:12
Why is a fucking autistic faggot
Curse You2018-04-08 21:07:04
actually looks fun
modman2018-04-08 10:51:13
are you building cabinets or are you restoring already existing ones?
Stream2018-04-05 20:39:23
New podcast when? Love them
Mr. Motion2018-04-04 19:58:58
Boi, where.
anonymoose (lol)2018-04-04 15:53:39
Could you put some celery on it when on full rev so that we can get a sense of the power the spinning does?
id 2200812018-04-01 22:10:03
i came here because i spotted a nipple
id 2200812018-04-01 22:08:06
isn't that what you do on a daily basis?
VodkaV2018-04-01 16:32:14
INH2018-03-30 17:20:26
Damn that thing sounds fucking mean
Kelp2018-03-30 17:02:50
Round 2
Goth2018-03-28 17:32:26
This is old but still funny
Caz2018-03-24 23:00:02
legokid2018-03-24 15:30:43
still playing
1Awes2018-03-20 12:35:57
That's pretty impressive, also glad to see you're still alive.
That one asshole2018-03-17 11:02:32
Gabe2018-03-15 11:45:14
"How do we 1-up the Official Podcast?"

"Hmmm. Aha! I got it! We put 'Super' in front of it!"

Genius idea.
EddyMcChuckleNuggets2018-03-14 20:23:05
Would you consider making this free-to-play, or do you still need the moneys?
creature2018-03-11 16:44:22
the future is here
Not your father2018-03-06 10:56:48
I joined late to the party :/
guy posting forum school2018-02-28 13:13:58
ayy the forums jsut died rn
might be up soon i think
hI iM nEw2018-02-26 12:26:33
hI iM nEw
Microwave2018-02-23 15:21:56
This is actually better than using an outdated Torque engine
MIKE2018-02-23 14:09:53
its just dont work in new windows try win 98 or 2k
Stuff2018-02-22 21:33:43
A woman who has tail middle and above are good to go!- A tail below the middle are typically a bitch- An observation on your own will prove my theory-
:O2018-02-22 14:25:40
Nikandrios2018-02-22 12:19:23
The thing about Overwatch is that the entire game is based around picking a hero that counters the enemy hero and then playing competently with that hero to beat the enemy team. Enemy team has Zarya? Pick D.Va who can suck up her ult.
Nikandrios2018-02-22 11:16:12
This is my all time favorite of these. It's like he's bursting into laughter secretly while everyone else is looking at him super seriously. Venom just thinks "Haha, maybe wiping ashes on my face was a bit too much. what dumb shit can I say next?".
Nikandrios2018-02-22 11:07:33
I was going to post the thing you guys predicted in the end, but I predict that would be too predictable to be funny, so I'll make a comment not so predictable instead that acknowledges how unfunny that predictable comment would be. What I however did not predict is that my comment would still be unfunny.
Curse You2018-02-20 13:24:10
badspot WTF
superepic2018-02-19 13:06:28
....this looks even worse than the actual BL Forums.....

A Drunk Person2018-02-14 17:49:15
:))2018-02-14 02:47:20
i have SO many memories with this game. i miss it so much. i might just buy it again solely just to bring back those memories. it makes me happy to know that it isnt dead :))
2018-02-13 06:27:46
2018-02-12 01:19:37
2018-02-12 01:17:08
2018-02-12 01:16:10

oooops, loks likei typd me paswoord
2018-02-12 01:14:23
2018-02-12 01:13:10
2018-02-12 01:12:20
yup yup yup yup yup yupyu pyu yup yup yup uhuu huh uhhu
2018-02-12 01:11:29
OfficerKenny2018-02-11 20:15:13
Sentry2018-02-11 12:28:36
This was honestly pretty nice to listen to.
Hmm...2018-02-08 20:30:24
Money eh?