1Awes2018-03-20 12:35:57
That's pretty impressive, also glad to see you're still alive.
That one asshole2018-03-17 11:02:32
Gabe2018-03-15 11:45:14
"How do we 1-up the Official Podcast?"

"Hmmm. Aha! I got it! We put 'Super' in front of it!"

Genius idea.
EddyMcChuckleNuggets2018-03-14 20:23:05
Would you consider making this free-to-play, or do you still need the moneys?
creature2018-03-11 16:44:22
the future is here
Not your father2018-03-06 10:56:48
I joined late to the party :/
guy posting forum school2018-02-28 13:13:58
ayy the forums jsut died rn
might be up soon i think
hI iM nEw2018-02-26 12:26:33
hI iM nEw
Microwave2018-02-23 15:21:56
This is actually better than using an outdated Torque engine
MIKE2018-02-23 14:09:53
its just dont work in new windows try win 98 or 2k
Stuff2018-02-22 21:33:43
A woman who has tail middle and above are good to go!- A tail below the middle are typically a bitch- An observation on your own will prove my theory-
:O2018-02-22 14:25:40
Nikandrios2018-02-22 12:19:23
The thing about Overwatch is that the entire game is based around picking a hero that counters the enemy hero and then playing competently with that hero to beat the enemy team. Enemy team has Zarya? Pick D.Va who can suck up her ult.
Nikandrios2018-02-22 11:16:12
This is my all time favorite of these. It's like he's bursting into laughter secretly while everyone else is looking at him super seriously. Venom just thinks "Haha, maybe wiping ashes on my face was a bit too much. what dumb shit can I say next?".
Nikandrios2018-02-22 11:07:33
I was going to post the thing you guys predicted in the end, but I predict that would be too predictable to be funny, so I'll make a comment not so predictable instead that acknowledges how unfunny that predictable comment would be. What I however did not predict is that my comment would still be unfunny.
Curse You2018-02-20 13:24:10
badspot WTF
superepic2018-02-19 13:06:28
....this looks even worse than the actual BL Forums.....

A Drunk Person2018-02-14 17:49:15
:))2018-02-14 02:47:20
i have SO many memories with this game. i miss it so much. i might just buy it again solely just to bring back those memories. it makes me happy to know that it isnt dead :))
2018-02-13 06:27:46
2018-02-12 01:19:37
2018-02-12 01:17:08
2018-02-12 01:16:10

oooops, loks likei typd me paswoord
2018-02-12 01:14:23
2018-02-12 01:13:10
2018-02-12 01:12:20
yup yup yup yup yup yupyu pyu yup yup yup uhuu huh uhhu
2018-02-12 01:11:29
OfficerKenny2018-02-11 20:15:13
Sentry2018-02-11 12:28:36
This was honestly pretty nice to listen to.
Hmm...2018-02-08 20:30:24
Money eh?
Gothboy2018-02-06 08:41:16
Good to hear from you guys for once! Good topics.
Thank2018-02-06 02:59:10
Blockland was the best game I ever bought
2018-02-05 20:56:15
Joka2018-02-05 13:22:29
Hello there. I'm searching for the creator of this front-end, are you the one? I wanted to know if it'll have any more updates.
Slo2018-02-03 20:52:28
good shit make more
Gothboy772018-02-02 07:58:36
@Dephunkt right there with ya brother! LONG LIVE BLOCKLAND
Gothboy2018-02-02 07:45:06
@MICROWAVE fuck maps they were terrible and did not support dynamic shadows / daycycle : the game is not full of bugs unless you have some shit add-on installed that overwrites or interferes with default functionality. The GUI's could use a bit of work but its easily navigable and doesn't look like complete shit at least
id 2200812018-01-31 23:11:14
i bet there's a story behind this one
id 2200812018-01-31 23:10:40
god i wish that were me
id 2200812018-01-31 22:57:14
when i was younger, i got blockland on my computer. at some point, when i tried to play it, there was an error message with a bunch of jumbled text. pretty recently, i used my old laptop to check it out, but instead nothing happened. well fuck lol. i got a new blid from steam and now i've made an nes monster and messed around with my buddies. thank god that this game exists.
Brahim6192018-01-31 08:43:48
Very Nice !
-Improved controls
-better landing
-improved graphics

i Think i would like to make another remake using tradicional 2d hand drawn animation with vintage effect and black and white colors ! fully voice acted voice version with the 80s cartoon style ! if any one want to work with me in this project then send me an email ( i do the art and animation and you do the coding !) [email protected]
Pach2018-01-29 13:40:54
I remember begging my parents to get Blockland for me. This is honestly such a memorable game and i remember playing the demo for a few years only to buy the game recently. The community is still sturdy and i love everyone in it. Thanks, Badspot.
Hope you read this eventually ;)
MICROWAVE2018-01-25 14:31:30
Badspot, your game is being forgotten and more and more people stop playing it. YOur game is full of bugs and the game engine is outdated!! YOu should put back maps and fix those bugs and make a better GUI. After that, people will maybe come back!
still going?2018-01-25 10:25:07
ree2018-01-25 09:11:45
evryone trpl gay lol
bakonpancakz2018-01-24 18:39:30
love it man! im going to send this to my friend so that he can finally finish his mame machine
Badzpot2018-01-23 14:10:03
I sure do love hentai.
black lady2018-01-21 03:15:53
Epic2018-01-20 21:15:40
Remember blockland
MegaScience2018-01-20 09:21:04
Might be time to get this into an HTML5 player. Firefox finally stopped displaying Flash by default.
Cyka2018-01-20 07:29:46
james2018-01-19 14:30:56
@badspot is my test problem normal?
Badspot.2018-01-19 07:53:59
Nah i enjoy blockland although i only have the demo
Dephunkt2018-01-17 04:58:56
Blockland is the best damn game I have ever played.

I've been around since july of 2007 and I and so many others are still here and share the same enthusiasm for it, just one of the many testaments to the longevity of this fuckin' great little indie game.

Love ya Badspot~
Badspot'2018-01-17 03:16:32
@ksm you triple gay
Nicepoint2018-01-17 02:48:39
Calem2018-01-14 13:43:16
I saw this part of the Matrix. This movie is really good! Also. 1st!
Super Steve's Bro2018-01-13 12:27:30
Was the download removed? I cant find a download for it on this page as well as the ModDB page.
AsteroidsRepackaged2018-01-13 01:57:38
Good job.
Anon2018-01-12 20:33:22
The game is good but the shit falling from the roof is so quick it's like a thwomp with x2 speed. Any sequel coming soon?
Yellowfang2018-01-12 17:05:38
Good on ya m8 =3
Gothboy2018-01-12 15:12:35
Very Nice
James2018-01-12 10:21:41
romshelf crap roms for snes not making sense. SNES shows games as crap roms even without craproms file. example test drive 2
Captain Crunch Cereal2018-01-12 08:50:41
Why2018-01-11 04:23:58
Perhaps I am, though not what I mean to do in principle. They are not contradictory positions, correct, didn't mean to make them sound like they were. I think my dislike is in using a bait-y but definitively true gif that, while it makes your point, is something your user base feeds off of and reinforces other negative viewpoints they have.

But, I am too quick in judging you as less likable as a person for a less likable post. From what I know of you I wouldn't be able to come to any meaningful conclusion on your likability (at least in an absolute sense) because I just don't know you enough.

I imagine if there's as many people out there that know you so little and judge so definitely that it must suck to be you sometimes :/
Badspot2018-01-11 00:08:40
Just by making that comment here on this page, you're tacitly admitting that "gender equality" is code for anti-male discrimination. Being simultaneously anti-discrimination and pro-privacy is not a contradictory position. If making a strong argument for this position makes you not like me as a person, that really says more about you than it does about me.
Why2018-01-10 22:57:20
Why am I here. Why do I visit your site and view your ads and give you money.

This post is ironic, for just as you complain about the values of the system that treats privacy as something traded and bought, you have no care for gender equality or other social movement. This doesn't make your argument weaker, it just makes you a less likable person.
deveyer2018-01-10 21:13:37
solid proof that god is dead
Sad Boi2018-01-09 13:06:37
Let's deal with it, he's not coming back to revive blockland. It's pretty sad to be honest.
Peepo2018-01-08 12:17:33
Is there a way to turn off crap rom filtering for Atari 2600? I'm missing 9 games, and I handpicked them.
Calem2018-01-07 19:00:11
wholepair2018-01-07 18:35:42
This looks very tidy indeed.
NogganGames2018-01-06 02:42:12
guys try v3 AoT its cool
heavy bro2018-01-05 18:23:02
Are you still working on your game or you abandoned it?
Badspot'2018-01-03 17:35:25
I suck at this stuff unfortunately
Rotondo2018-01-03 17:34:03
I broke them today because I fell on them, sorry about that Badspot
superepic2017-12-29 21:08:58
Top 10 Anime Battles
Antares2017-12-28 17:10:42
> More people also have this issue


Put Blockland on your desktop and open it then. Blockland may be in a Administrator map were it can't write the key.dat file, as far I remember.
gout2017-12-23 20:58:05
hows the gout
DabSpot2017-12-23 03:31:45
Cool. Nice touch with the slanted shelves.. but can it save BL...
I am badspot (the original)2017-12-17 14:28:49
Thank you everyone who paid the $6.99 dollars on steam to buy my game :D , what a success im gonna go jump a cliff now
Bedspot2017-12-17 14:27:31
sorry its me princetheking i spelt something wrong i meant to say "TextWindow.Writeline"
2017-12-17 14:26:36
Text.Windwo.Writline "Badspot, you should make more games like blockland or maybe add another update"
Princetheking2017-12-17 14:24:07
And i was wandering if i could get my hands on a free copy of blockland i have been a fan for so long
Princetheking2017-12-17 14:23:28
u make awesome games
Princetheking2017-12-17 14:23:04
Badspot are u working for a company already because i fee like u should do
Princetheking2017-12-17 14:18:29
Badspot did u code blockland?
Princetheking2017-12-17 14:07:05
Hello badspot could you please give me a free copy of the game. I'm a huge fan (blockland)
w2017-12-16 15:16:40
oh this is still a thing
Gothboy2017-12-15 13:35:01
Badspot, you should try doing a few small political comics, I bet they would be really great!
Sad Consumer2017-12-14 19:02:26
More people also have this issue

Sad Consumer2017-12-14 18:57:14
The key wont validate*
Sad Consumer2017-12-14 18:56:08
My Blockland copy on Steam doesn't work, my wont validate, I want a refund.
GooderPudding2017-12-14 00:54:14
Very Good!
GooderPudding2017-12-14 00:52:48
Looks nice, wish my families garage was more organized!
limerick2017-12-13 20:38:51
how the fuck would anyone fall for the cicret bracelet one? im not that well-versed in technology and i could see myself falling for some of this shit but that shits just impossible.
Dylan2017-12-13 16:32:35
Lol noobs
Dylan2017-12-13 16:31:46
Ha, faggots.
Schindler2017-12-12 01:51:44

Retail Blockland sucks my cock
The Truth2017-12-07 13:59:31