2017-05-18 05:59:27
I used to love this game. I would always nag my father about getting it. I eventually forgot about it, and I'm sad to see how it's turned out. I'm not saying the game is dead, the community still has alot of people left, but, I would like a new update, or really anything, DLC, sequel, I don't care, I just want to have a reason to buy this game. I'm happy I didn't buy it, because I would be really upset if it fell apart. Badspot, It's easy for you to just take the money and go, and I can't stop you. But please, have some more consideration for your fellow Blockheads. Maybe then, I would consider purchasing the game. If you don't read this, that's fine. I'm just a chunk of the big pile of garbage people are throwing at you. Now, please have some more consideration.
Bob2017-05-15 18:16:15
Clearly FemShep got the platinum from mining asteroids, considering the very easy space access and all. ;)
beep2017-05-10 10:22:25
yeah take some initiative, YOU removed maps in light of adding shadows and shaders and all it did was kill the game over the last couple of years. If you never would have done that economic ploy for Steam, the game wouldn't be laying in a grave. You've made at least three quarters of a million dollars from this game and also haven't even tried to pass it on to someone who cares and wants it to progress.

Your enormous list of people who post about it being dead are only proving a point, and there are more people who agree with that but are too afraid to post it, because you will ban them off your pay-to-post forum, just like you've done in the past.

I'm not whining about you not updating or continuing your game, i'm just trying to say you literally have no room to complain about people who just want to see Blockland go far.
SUCC2017-05-10 08:28:52
I miss block land =(
p2017-05-10 08:25:25
Codystar55(SuperHAX)2017-05-09 18:44:12
Yo badspot i was wondering if in the future you would ever accept development for this game.... Im planning on studying progaming soon and would love to help bring this back...
I have so many good memories playing this game and i miss it.
Last attempt to dl the game threw me a (no url set in game manifest)
gaga2017-05-09 09:53:36
maybe if you updated it it would not be resting in a grave
Darksaber22132017-04-27 22:47:45
Man, that's disappointing that the fight didn't happen in the hex arena. Bezek fought valiantly :(.
Red Spy2017-04-25 19:11:13
Still expecting you to lose a foot
Planr2017-04-25 17:00:41
Looks like it'd be great for mowing the lawn
whackin (unban me thanks)2017-04-25 16:52:24
i mean to be fair the games like 10 years old
lol2017-04-24 21:21:05
even you admit it now
4BIT2017-04-23 08:21:59
Well at least there's some players that still play Blockland. Blockland isn't dead. Dead means dead guys. It means 0. There's still like 80 players or something left in Blockland. Blockland is still ALLLIIIVVVE!!! (Sorry I tried using wisdom but I failed)
Lololol2017-04-19 15:54:48
Badspot, are you planning to update Blockland anytime in the future? I am thinking of purchasing Blockland on Steam as it looks like a decent game for its age and I heard that you were inactive on updates so I just wanted to ask you on the forums.
who2017-04-19 14:26:54
badspot: heheh
Custom2017-04-16 06:14:28
Custom2017-04-16 06:11:08
Badspot2017-04-15 19:40:21
The kind of person who would willingly become a forum moderator should never be given power under any circumstances.
Bedspot kys2017-04-15 15:20:30
Medik2017-04-15 11:23:38
Well RIP Blockland. BTW Atleast it's not like new roblox. And another btw Whoa Badspot calm down Just get a few moderators for free just for quality control
windows 72017-04-13 16:30:38
error virus
2017-04-10 11:56:15
Plz update Block land if you haven't. I know it's hard, but please.
Traditional2017-04-08 20:59:35
First post of 2017! :D
Blockland is still alive!
PixelCrunch2017-04-03 17:46:59
I like the tractor beam effect.
AnotherPerson2017-04-03 13:00:08
This is one of the only games I can come back to over the years because of all the memories and replay-ability.
PixelCrunch2017-03-29 16:02:41
I want to make a 12 lb hobbyweight robot someday, but this so soo cool!
Coolguy322017-03-27 21:54:53
MegaScience2017-03-26 06:08:29
Returning to this again. <3
Taco2017-03-25 14:20:45
Badspot2017-03-25 03:52:41
I honestly don't remember what's in this release. If there are .gui files, you can edit those in a text editor or press F10 to open the gui editor if that was included.
4BIT2017-03-24 19:46:15
There's actually still some people that actually care about Blockland such as me, so just do what these people want for god's sake.
Paul2017-03-24 19:00:26
Hey man, thanks for a great program...people seem to invest more time and effort into getting hyperspin/mala etc to look pretty than actually playing old school games! I want to make one change but....i want a pic of my own cab on the launch screen - i can change the fg.png file easy enough but cant seem to figure out how to change the screen shot X Y position in config so i can line it up with my own graphic...any advice is much appreciated thanks
Nicepoint2017-03-22 08:54:52
I'm also gay.
Nicepoint2017-03-22 04:59:08
PresentGamerYT2017-03-21 10:41:10
We want to play
Durgen2017-03-20 23:01:40
Pie Crust2017-03-20 21:16:20
so accurate
-Dave2017-03-20 16:16:12
kek2017-03-20 15:38:21
Em82017-03-20 13:34:22
"Pie Crust vs Blockland Forums"
nice meme2017-03-19 14:20:32
nice meme
Cooolguy322017-03-18 12:04:09
Mr. Maladroit2017-03-17 21:28:57
Have you ever thought about releasing the code for Age of Time? The game had so much potential I think if you passed the reins someone could pick it up and really take off with it. I would love to see a revival of this game.
Comment test2017-03-17 21:11:32
BakingSodaAndWater2017-03-14 17:08:04
fucking Dokuro-chan xD
1234anon 2017-03-14 16:55:48
you should draw porn.. >.> <.< lots of it
anonstoner2017-03-14 16:44:50
Ink Defense lmao
Tonkka2017-03-13 11:40:15
Reminds me of those mocking images on /v/ where a "PC peasant" stares at console exclusives.
Kodi0222017-03-11 19:21:19
now i know why hes not wanting to bring back blockland. hes too busy messing with events irl
Froosti2017-03-11 16:43:57
When you did the shader update and removed all of the maps, did you have plans on continuing development of this game? You kind of just ruined the game and fucked off, what was your plan there?
Tehcatninja2017-03-11 05:39:56
LOL it detects it but doesent let you get out
Lets_Drink_Windex2017-03-10 22:45:30
I wonder where badspot is after all these years?
Lets_Drink_Windex2017-03-10 22:43:09
Just as good as last time ;)
Luigi2017-03-03 16:52:47
Badspot's voice is sexy
Friendly Van Guy2017-02-26 18:58:44
that is frightening. Strap a knife on the bitch, and you got a lethal weapon. Also UPDATE BLOCKLAND FOR FUCKS SAKE
free xxxtentacion2017-02-26 16:41:57
fucking update blockland my dude
hi ma!2017-02-24 19:24:44
isaksme2017-02-24 07:55:57
anonymous2017-02-20 06:24:53
Wow I should show my bullies!
kirby22017-02-19 01:08:14
Nice robot!
Kulom2017-02-18 21:58:02
You have to fixx this game badspot.!
PixelCrunch2017-02-18 17:28:52
good guide
Protoss Dragoon2017-02-17 02:35:00
jesus christ no
Coolguy322017-02-05 22:38:18
blockhead221022017-02-05 02:40:50
Buzzwaker2017-02-04 13:02:47
Luigi2017-02-03 18:59:03
Holy shit his voice is sexy af omfg
Slo2017-02-03 18:50:16
Have you given up or forgotten about finishing the writeup? because i saw that you started a new project. I am very curious to see the result of this project.
Blockygaming1552017-02-01 20:13:39
I want to play
Antares2017-01-31 17:40:04
Badspot, do you have more screenshots what Blockland was like in mid 2005? If I dig back into your archive you wanted to finish a new version for Blockland Vanilla, I'd believe it had to be v0003.

Axel2017-01-29 20:03:54
Playing with other player via network/internet would be very nice :)
Axel2017-01-29 15:56:09
Development discontinued?
Badspot2017-01-29 12:17:12
Killing yourself will make anime real.
ayylmao2017-01-29 08:36:26
Why is she so happy about hanging herself?
just a question
Red Spy2017-01-29 02:10:13
Yellow Snow2017-01-29 00:35:13
That's nice. But what are you going to use it on?
Clay Hanson2017-01-28 17:24:45
Dominus2017-01-28 12:18:51
To be honest, i would say the same thing to a cancerous community filled with 12 year old greasy social outcast boys.
Annonymous2017-01-28 01:30:02
Most likely yes, he basicly said to the blockland community "Fuck you, i dont need you anymore"
Daniel.S2017-01-26 21:03:10
I made a robot that has a camera with a 6axis angle which controls off of an app made by somebody
Ki2017-01-25 03:13:19
Red Spy, for fucks sakes go on some where you dog
Tragen472017-01-24 11:24:11
Badspot, you ripped your best game. Did you just use us to earn money?
designated2017-01-23 14:05:27
cut your nails
Red Spy2017-01-22 20:52:44
Don't fucking like Badspot you just put 'combat' in there to get pussy
relaoD2017-01-22 18:16:23
good shit
lego lad2017-01-22 17:54:41
so this is where it came from
lego lad2017-01-22 17:52:08
danger will robinbson
paco2017-01-22 17:32:02
Insert Name Here2017-01-22 17:30:10
So that's what Badspot sounds like

reminds me of NightHawkInLight

Nice robot too
Rednakin2017-01-22 03:19:58
I would pay $60 for Blockland on a modern engine.
Badspot2017-01-19 10:50:31
What game from 2007 is still getting free updates? Are you writing to the devs of "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" every day to complain that they're not updating the game for free? How about "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars"? These were $60 games.

Blockland is not a subscription product. There should be no expectation of free content updates at all. Paying me $20 ten years ago does not make me your slave today.
bedsput2017-01-19 09:25:05
the game is dying, fix it, work on it, bring back maps that mess with shaders. Would prefer maps over shaders anyway. stop thinking of your pocket, hire a dev who will actually work on the game, thnx x
Badspot2017-01-18 19:04:20
>none of my emulators are working now!

A while ago Microsoft updated the entire windows GDI system to fix a security hole and it ended up breaking window ordering (especially notable in photoshop CS2). If this is the problem you could try uninstalling the updates but there's a ton of them. It started with KB3145739, you'd have to search for the rest. For security reasons though I wouldn't do this on anything but a dedicated offline emulator box and you shouldn't even be using win10 for that anyway.
Badspot2017-01-18 18:48:27
>Is there a way to add the system logo images to the screens?

Follow the file structure of the existing systems, then there are some console commands I posted above.
BouncedFerret2017-01-17 08:07:32
I love this front end!!
I've had a play with adding systems (Dreamcast and Sega NAOMI ect) Is there a way to add the system logo images to the screens? Love your work mate!
L053R2017-01-15 21:22:54
correction: none of my emulators are working now! they all have the same problem i reported with nestopia above. help!
L053R2017-01-15 21:02:55
i really like RomShelf. thank you! however, i have a problem trying to launch nestopia with v2 on Windows 10. nestopia launches in the background. i can hear it running the game but RomShelf is the only thing on screen. i tried using alt+tab to switch to it but RomShelf won't let go of the screen. my other emulators work fine so i'm inclined to blame the problem on nestopia or my nestopia settings. is there any kind of work-around for this problem? (besides using a different NES emulator?)
Siver2017-01-07 12:33:59
You should add another aspect to the game, people are leaving because of no new content. I miss the good old days of blockland...
Badspot2017-01-05 03:19:52
I played GTA3 and Vice City when they came out on the PS2, don't really feel the need for more GTA.
goyim2017-01-03 20:05:20
You don't have San Andreas?? GAMING HERESY!