Badspot2017-07-20 19:12:04
A comma, sure - but no question mark. That can lead to an entirely different reading.
Badspot2017-07-03 02:27:50
>The Long Dark

I'm not really interested in crafting systems or unfinished games.
Badspot2017-07-02 11:52:14
>You would make a great programmer!

Thanks, bro. I know I'll make it someday.
Badspot2017-07-02 00:11:21
lol people still think I made Blockland
Badspot2017-07-01 08:56:29
I was the third shooter at columbine high school
Badspot2017-07-01 08:56:13
I like men.
Badspot2017-06-29 17:52:55
fuck smf! it gay!
Badspot2017-06-29 17:33:10
Well, smf 2.x means complications, expect issues.
Badspot2017-06-29 16:15:39
Yeah, I'm probably going to have to upgrade to SMF 2.x

This will probably break everything but whatever.
Badspot2017-06-29 15:53:32
Don't know how long the forums are going to be down. It might be a few days.
Badspot2017-06-29 15:32:00
Forum machine broke
Badspot2017-06-28 19:05:27
I was responsible for 9/11
Badspot2017-06-28 06:11:33
Fuck blockland, i screwed you for money
Badspot2017-06-27 23:54:49
Specifically, Photoshop CS 2 (9.0) which adobe released for free a while back because they couldn't be bothered to keep running the DRM servers.
Badspot2017-06-27 23:45:37
Badspot2017-06-27 16:11:12
my twitter banned me because someone reported me for child porn
Badspot2017-06-27 16:11:11
my twitter banned me because someone reported me for child porn
Badspot2017-06-27 15:23:20
I'm the real Badspot.
Badspot2017-06-27 14:42:59
Fuck ComCast. They've banned my service because it had child pornography on it. Who the fuck posted this shit?
Badspot2017-06-27 13:53:48
UPDATE: I have all the shit that I'll need to put back together. Expect it to be up in a couple days.
Badspot2017-06-27 12:26:43
My family has been DDoS attacked oh no
Badspot2017-06-27 12:17:19
The forums are completely fucked, and now I'm getting alerts about a possible DDoS attack on the Master Server.
Badspot2017-06-27 11:42:16
>do this, you can transport all the threads
My new server provider is debating if they should use dedicated computers for higher paying customers, i'll consider it.
Badspot2017-06-27 11:29:08
Quick update.

Cloudflare just responded. They're keeping the forums hostage unless I suck at least two of their worker's dicks. I may need help with this fucking problem.
Badspot2017-06-27 11:08:15
Fuck it.

The backups are corrupted and SMF is completely broken. I'm trying to contact Cloudflare but they haven't responded. I don't know how long it's going to be before the forums are up again, if at all.
Badspot2017-06-27 10:06:23
Hello, you are officially gay if you have posted on this. You are straight if you are gay, and if you are ASexual you are bi.
Badspot2017-06-27 10:00:34
I'm Badspot by the way.
Badspot2017-06-27 10:00:06
Unfortunately, even if you possess perfect grammar, this comment system does not allow for double spacing. That is where all of the Badspot impersonators fall.
Badspot2017-06-27 09:01:56
Alright guys I'm shutting down blockland.
Also I'm bringing back AOT.
Badspot2017-06-27 08:53:35
Wait, never mind.
Badspot2017-06-27 08:51:12
Now I have some bad news. The forums might be down for another month. On the bright side I'll be uodating the forums.
Badspot2017-06-27 08:12:51
The hard drive took some neodymium and OD'd.
Don't do drugs kids.
Badspot2017-06-27 07:02:11
I'll close Blockland Server for a time, because i need to move my home.
Badspot2017-06-27 01:51:27
Badspot2017-06-27 01:11:32
Badspot2017-06-27 00:36:55
No, it died.
Badspot2017-06-27 00:16:01
Well, it's 1 in the morning and nothing seems to be doing well. Since Blockland is dying I will stop updating Blockland and will no longer keep the forums up. I can't really stop you guys from hosting servers so that's why Blockland is still usable
Badspot2017-06-26 22:25:33
First furfags, now diaperfags.
Badspot2017-06-26 21:31:10
'); DROP TABLE Posts; ('
Badspot2017-06-26 21:14:35
o are u now?
Badspot2017-06-26 20:47:35
Communism is the only hope of mankind.
Badspot2017-06-26 20:34:18
We're all Badspot
Badspot2017-06-26 20:33:26
But how do we know you're the real Badspot?
Badspot2017-06-26 20:31:44
Server will be back up tomorrow hopefully.
Badspot2017-06-26 20:15:26
The 4kidschan theme is being brought back permanently
Badspot2017-06-26 19:56:31
Okay, so the BLF theme will actually be about the same thanks to one of the forumers who made a megathread about themes for the blf. Thanks to this thread (and the fact someone PM'd me the dropbox links), updated versions of the basic assets are still in my grasp.
Badspot2017-06-26 18:53:15
Meta_KnightX is a problem user, I banned him
Badspot2017-06-26 18:51:31
I've come to kick your ass. I've come to kick my ass.
Badspot2017-06-26 18:49:22
Badspot2017-06-26 18:48:05
everyone shut up!!
Badspot2017-06-26 17:56:49
No fuck you, kill yourself fagget and I bangeg yer mummy
Badspot2017-06-26 17:34:49
The post above me is right, but I am the real Badspot. I can confirm that I am highly homosexual and will suck ya dick right on the spot.
Here are some updates to Blockland

>Anal beads are added
>Removed addons
>Still not fixing your shaders
>Removing everything
>Banning everyone
>Removing game off steam
>I am really homosexual
>Blockland 2 is coming soon
>I am autism 12 years old
Badspot2017-06-26 17:34:46
pee your pants
Badspot2017-06-26 17:29:58
I'm making an update to Blockland, I am removing addons because I am gay! I am also removing character customization, so no more making your gay ass characters.
Badspot2017-06-26 16:27:19
I'm gay
Badspot2017-06-26 16:04:36
Okay, so I can't use the old blue layout for the forums anymore, those files are broken or old due to the crash or they are just bad. So expect a new sleeker theme, but also all themes made for the forum will still work since I won't be changing any of the style names, but you may still need to modify them somewhat if you want them to look presentable.

Otherwise, expect the forums to be up soon.
Badspot2017-06-26 12:58:48
hello im 12 what is this
Badspot2017-06-26 12:52:11
Testing using badspot's name
Badspot2017-06-26 12:49:19
You guys are stupid faggots, grow the fuck up. I'm going to perm ban all of you when this is over.
Badspot2017-06-26 12:14:17
This is my wife
Badspot2017-06-26 12:08:17
i feel like this is a good time to announce that blockland is officially closing. i'm sorry, but i'm preparing a new game you guys might like after the hdd is replaced, it'll be kinda like blockland, you'll see
Badspot2017-06-26 12:03:55
I feel this is a great time to make an important announcement-- I am a homosexual. I hope this doesn't change your perceptions of me.
badspot2017-06-26 08:44:27
you're all banned from the new blf
Badspot2017-06-26 04:02:41
Oh dear, I've had this webpage open too long.
Badspot2017-06-26 04:02:12
Post html or bbcode, that's how.
Badspot2017-06-26 03:50:43
Hat update tomorrow motherfuckers.
Badspot2017-06-26 03:07:35
You guys didn't read the one rule: No memes allowed. Spamming "n*ggers" is a meme. Posting entire movie scripts is a meme. Have an original thought.
Badspot2017-06-26 02:55:38
Jesus, this page grew quickly. How many of you actually have a life?
Badspot2017-06-26 01:49:12
Hey guys, just checking in. Almost got the new server.
Badspot2017-06-26 01:45:31
You didn't, now everyone's gonna use it here D:
Badspot2017-06-26 01:44:59
I hope you blocked the name Badspot
Badspot2017-06-26 00:45:23
I love making comics on
Its my favorite site, even more than blf!
Badspot2017-06-19 07:12:46
>Are the sprites taken from somewhere?

It's based on Super Mario Land for the original gameboy.

>It seems like there's these lines that are visible in the default graphics mode

If you're talking about artifacts near each sprite, that's from texture sampling which I don't have full control over in webGL. It doesn't appear on every computer (not on mine). I have a plan to fix it but it's kind of complicated.

> it'll just revert you back to small mario instead of going to big mario

This is how it is in the original. The extra hit was only added for the US/Europe versions of Super Mario Bros 3 to make the game easier, in other early Mario games you only get one hit.
Badspot2017-06-17 13:43:20
- Fixed ending cutscene for real this time
- Fixed snake being invulnerable to superball
- Fixed totem head not being killed by boss plunger
Badspot2017-06-17 12:32:23
- Fixed case where daisy would miss rocket ship in ending cutscene
Badspot2017-06-16 10:37:44
Take a screenshot. I also have a 1440p monitor.
Badspot2017-06-16 06:52:15
If you get bad performance, make sure you have hardware acceleration enabled on your browser. In chrome, go to chrome://settings/appearance, click advanced, scroll to the bottom and make sure that "use hardware acceleration when available" is turned on. Alternately, you can just download the desktop version.
Badspot2017-06-16 06:49:56
- fixed the broken multiplayer camera
- fixed some softlock scenarios with daisy
- tweaked behavior/appearance of collapsing platforms
Badspot2017-06-15 04:58:07
>whats a javascript

That's a javascript.
Badspot2017-04-15 19:40:21
The kind of person who would willingly become a forum moderator should never be given power under any circumstances.
Badspot2017-03-25 03:52:41
I honestly don't remember what's in this release. If there are .gui files, you can edit those in a text editor or press F10 to open the gui editor if that was included.
Badspot2017-01-29 12:17:12
Killing yourself will make anime real.
Badspot2017-01-19 10:50:31
What game from 2007 is still getting free updates? Are you writing to the devs of "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" every day to complain that they're not updating the game for free? How about "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars"? These were $60 games.

Blockland is not a subscription product. There should be no expectation of free content updates at all. Paying me $20 ten years ago does not make me your slave today.
Badspot2017-01-18 19:04:20
>none of my emulators are working now!

A while ago Microsoft updated the entire windows GDI system to fix a security hole and it ended up breaking window ordering (especially notable in photoshop CS2). If this is the problem you could try uninstalling the updates but there's a ton of them. It started with KB3145739, you'd have to search for the rest. For security reasons though I wouldn't do this on anything but a dedicated offline emulator box and you shouldn't even be using win10 for that anyway.
Badspot2017-01-18 18:48:27
>Is there a way to add the system logo images to the screens?

Follow the file structure of the existing systems, then there are some console commands I posted above.
Badspot2017-01-05 03:19:52
I played GTA3 and Vice City when they came out on the PS2, don't really feel the need for more GTA.
Badspot2016-12-26 16:38:42
>I'd buy this

Not when you saw the price tag.
Badspot2016-12-03 18:55:08
Everything seems to be working. Sounds like a problem on your end.
Badspot2016-11-22 19:09:55
"Bedpost kys" is GS1029, aka gamingstudios1029, aka supermarioRX1029
Badspot2016-11-02 15:14:52
That's just an image hosting site though, not really a source.
Badspot2016-10-22 18:12:42
Can you find the original tweet?
Badspot2016-10-08 10:16:40
>cure-chan when?

I'm sorry, this meme has expired. Unless ebola makes headlines again there probably won't be a sequel. You know what to do.
Badspot2016-10-08 10:07:38
Fun facts:
* The guy who ain't found shit later played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager.
* The TV edit of this scene shows everything except the punchline. The scene ends abruptly after the second pair responds.
Badspot2016-10-04 10:58:25
Thanks dipshit.
Badspot2016-09-22 07:35:45
Oh fuck me, I left the chuck key in the spindle.
Badspot2016-09-21 13:47:53
Indeed, it could have had potential. It had potential potential.
Badspot2016-08-24 21:28:58
>What languages do you know
I mainly stick to c++, although occasionally I'm forced to use php or javascript. Once you learn one language it's fairly easy to pick up the syntax of another.

>Surely, you didn't use static shapes..
I used them for the prototype and you probably should too. Just to get off the ground as quickly as possible. To make them render fast you have to program a custom system and the design depends entirely on what you want to do and what you can implement.
Badspot2016-08-24 21:00:33
>two sets of text on top of each other

I'm not seeing this problem.
Badspot2016-08-18 16:25:31
Push the two rocks to the side before entering the teleporter.
Badspot2016-08-17 16:59:48
You're right. I blindly copy pasted from the subtitles which aren't the same as the dub.