Badspot2017-04-15 19:40:21
The kind of person who would willingly become a forum moderator should never be given power under any circumstances.
Badspot2017-03-25 03:52:41
I honestly don't remember what's in this release. If there are .gui files, you can edit those in a text editor or press F10 to open the gui editor if that was included.
Badspot2017-01-29 12:17:12
Killing yourself will make anime real.
Badspot2017-01-19 10:50:31
What game from 2007 is still getting free updates? Are you writing to the devs of "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" every day to complain that they're not updating the game for free? How about "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars"? These were $60 games.

Blockland is not a subscription product. There should be no expectation of free content updates at all. Paying me $20 ten years ago does not make me your slave today.
Badspot2017-01-18 19:04:20
>none of my emulators are working now!

A while ago Microsoft updated the entire windows GDI system to fix a security hole and it ended up breaking window ordering (especially notable in photoshop CS2). If this is the problem you could try uninstalling the updates but there's a ton of them. It started with KB3145739, you'd have to search for the rest. For security reasons though I wouldn't do this on anything but a dedicated offline emulator box and you shouldn't even be using win10 for that anyway.
Badspot2017-01-18 18:48:27
>Is there a way to add the system logo images to the screens?

Follow the file structure of the existing systems, then there are some console commands I posted above.
Badspot2017-01-05 03:19:52
I played GTA3 and Vice City when they came out on the PS2, don't really feel the need for more GTA.
Badspot2016-12-26 16:38:42
>I'd buy this

Not when you saw the price tag.
Badspot2016-12-03 18:55:08
Everything seems to be working. Sounds like a problem on your end.
Badspot2016-11-22 19:09:55
"Bedpost kys" is GS1029, aka gamingstudios1029, aka supermarioRX1029
Badspot2016-11-02 15:14:52
That's just an image hosting site though, not really a source.
Badspot2016-10-22 18:12:42
Can you find the original tweet?
Badspot2016-10-08 10:16:40
>cure-chan when?

I'm sorry, this meme has expired. Unless ebola makes headlines again there probably won't be a sequel. You know what to do.
Badspot2016-10-08 10:07:38
Fun facts:
* The guy who ain't found shit later played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager.
* The TV edit of this scene shows everything except the punchline. The scene ends abruptly after the second pair responds.
Badspot2016-10-04 10:58:25
Thanks dipshit.
Badspot2016-09-22 07:35:45
Oh fuck me, I left the chuck key in the spindle.
Badspot2016-09-21 13:47:53
Indeed, it could have had potential. It had potential potential.
Badspot2016-08-24 21:28:58
>What languages do you know
I mainly stick to c++, although occasionally I'm forced to use php or javascript. Once you learn one language it's fairly easy to pick up the syntax of another.

>Surely, you didn't use static shapes..
I used them for the prototype and you probably should too. Just to get off the ground as quickly as possible. To make them render fast you have to program a custom system and the design depends entirely on what you want to do and what you can implement.
Badspot2016-08-24 21:00:33
>two sets of text on top of each other

I'm not seeing this problem.
Badspot2016-08-18 16:25:31
Push the two rocks to the side before entering the teleporter.
Badspot2016-08-17 16:59:48
You're right. I blindly copy pasted from the subtitles which aren't the same as the dub.
Badspot2016-08-08 09:42:56
Skyrim doesn't stand up to anything I've put in the 5 star category. It's not even close. Also if you look carefully, you'll see I placed it in both the "bad graphics" and "good graphics" categories because somehow Bethesda makes quantum entangled graphics that are simultaneously amazing and shit.

Also I can't be bothered to try and piece together the right mods to fix the game and worry about compatibility issues and management tools and crap. I'm trying to play a game not develop one.
Badspot2016-08-08 09:35:01
Dang, I guess I have to give all the money back then. Oh wait, no.
Badspot2016-05-31 23:44:22
I'm pretty sure we don't need any more DOOM source ports...
Badspot2016-04-23 22:47:25
I don't have any immediate plans for more remakes, but there are a few DOS games that I'm interested in.
Badspot2016-04-23 21:49:37
I actually think there's too much color in it already. My enthusiasm for color palettes in perennial leaked into this a bit and I think it detracts from the Gameboy aesthetic.
Badspot2016-04-13 20:23:55
>what the fuck is with your greentexting

Wow, you actually think 4chan invented using the ">" to quote things? Kids these days. That's just how you quote when all you've got is text. It's been happening since the 80's on listservs and usenet.
Badspot2016-04-06 11:49:40
You can edit systems/TurboGrafx-16/crapRoms.txt
Badspot2016-03-23 05:44:12
Should be fixed now, though it still uses flash.
Badspot2016-03-19 17:05:08
It is the television series Aeon Flux, season 3, episode 3, titled "Thanataphobia"
Badspot2016-02-24 20:07:22
Badspot2016-02-05 08:10:39
I have completed a hell run.
Badspot2016-01-24 22:29:49
Interesting coincidence, this was update 666 to the website repo.
Badspot2016-01-18 15:20:46
You are mistaken.
Badspot2016-01-05 20:12:00
Save zip file to desktop, right click zip folder, extract all, open new folder double click executable file.
Badspot2016-01-05 20:05:00
>A virus was detected

No it wasn't. VirusTotal shows 0 detections. You may have gotten a warning about it being an uncommon download, because it is, but that's it.
Badspot2015-12-05 20:21:32
Yo, badspot! Keep up the good work!
Badspot2015-11-04 17:12:45
>wtf happened to senjyogahara hitagi

There are way too many* Monogatari series/episodes for me to check. I skimmed through an episode or two on youtube and by the tone it didn't seem like anything big was going to happen. Pulling out a box cutter isn't really in the same league as any of these.

*The only reason the bleach clip is on here is because of the encyclopedic knowledge of a random 4chan poster. I never would have searched through all 400 whatever episodes.
Badspot2015-10-26 07:43:04
>Does this work for crossdressing boys too?

I would guess no, but you gotta do the research man. Find a clip and I'll add it to the list.
Badspot2015-10-26 07:40:43
I looked into it some and I've determined that "ai" = indigo, and "ao" = blue. These are romanizations though, converted from the native moon runes. There is some flexibility/error in the conversion - google translate will convert both "aoi" and "ao" into the same moon rune meaning "blue", but converting english "blue" to japanese always gives you "ao".

There's also this mango which I think was originally what I was thinking of instead of AI Love You. According to yahoo answers, it is part of a longer saying
There's probably ai=love word play in there too, and the girl's name is Aoi - so maybe that does mean blue? The same kanji used for blue can also mean green as in inexperienced, so maybe there's something there too. Translating word play is difficult.

Also, indigo is a bullshit color. Real indigo is clearly just blue, and computer indigo is clearly just purple.
Badspot2015-10-26 03:39:34
I dunno. What do I look like, some kinda huge weeb?
Badspot2015-10-21 01:08:56
>It insists i need the master server's IP adderess

Whatever 'it' is, no it doesn't. You're not port forwarding to communicate with the master server, you're port forwarding so other random people on the internet can connect to your server over UDP.
Badspot2015-08-10 22:14:01
>How Do You Get MultiPlayer

It is local multiplayer only. Plug in more than one xbox controller, start game, press A to join.
Badspot2015-07-19 23:24:52
I guess it's a good name then because it *is* bootleg as hell.
Badspot2015-02-26 14:34:55
>It don't let me

This is always a useless statement. Provides no information at all. You might as well just kick your legs and scream.
Badspot2015-02-13 23:13:23
Badspot2015-02-12 16:05:29
>I need a joystick?

You can use the keyboard. Arrow keys + z/x are the default keys, and you can reconfigure them in the options.
Badspot2015-02-06 17:34:56
How about buying a steam card with your credit card, then buying the game on steam with steam wallet funds.
Badspot2015-02-06 17:33:24
Virus total shows 0 matches:

Chrome says " is not commonly downloaded", which is true, but a rather useless warning.

If you're having some other warning pop up, please be specific.
Badspot2015-02-04 12:06:29
Ok. Did you check all of those things?
Badspot2015-02-03 00:18:06
1. This is a comments section on a blog. If you want help email [email protected]

2. "It displays an error message" is a virtually useless statement. What site displays the error? What is the text of the message?
Badspot2014-10-12 15:37:54
Your face too.
Badspot2014-10-12 14:38:01
Your face dun goofed.
Badspot2014-10-10 08:06:57
>Shouldn't she be looking less healthy?

Perhaps you haven't kept up with the news. Ebola-chan is doing quite well.
Badspot2014-10-07 02:23:18
Added "Wait Until Everyone Is Inside The Lockdoor!"
Badspot2014-09-18 03:17:19
If the euro version is the only version available it should use it. Romshelf can't move files around so just double check that you're looking at the right folder. Romshelf can scan subfolders however, so don't just move the US version to a subfolder of your rom folder.

Seriously though, you should use the US version since it runs at 60hz where the Euro version will be 50hz.
Badspot2014-09-07 19:49:13
>I can't figure out how to open the romshelf console

Make shortcut to romshelf (if you haven't already); right click shortcut -> properties; add "-console" (without the quotes) to the "target" field right after romshelf.exe; ok; run shortcut; press ~ to open console.

>ps1, ps2 and saturn emulators won't open the games

The launch command depends entirely on what emulator you're using. You'll have to look at the docs to figure out how to load a game from the command line.

>when i exit project 64 using the exit emulator key it doesnt save my progress

The emulator exit key just kills the emulator task - just like hitting alt+F4. So anything that isn't saved already will be lost. If you've already saved to an emulated memory card before exiting, then yeah there is some config problem within project 64.
Badspot2014-09-05 03:41:31
The way to get DOSBox to work is to make a .conf file for each game you want to run and use that as the "rom".

Rom extension would be: conf
Launch parameters should be something like: -conf "[ROMFILE]"
Badspot2014-08-28 19:46:15
Its ariel -.-
Badspot2014-08-23 12:02:37
Sounds like overscan. If it's an older projection tv you may be out of luck, but modern LCDs or plasmas should let you adjust that somewhere.
Badspot2014-08-20 02:02:04
When you buy the game it is the full version.
Badspot2014-08-18 14:58:04
The 'okiver scare'? What are you afraid of exactly? Is your spine literally made of cheese?
Badspot2014-08-08 20:15:55
1.2 - SDL2.0 did not exist at the time I started working on the engine.
Badspot2014-06-28 04:51:54
Would you like me to add a panel where hat man explains that he had serious mental health issues for the first 6 years?
Badspot2014-06-27 19:11:41
>Do you have plans to create a Linux version of RomShelf?

Badspot2014-06-22 22:23:33
Yeah, I didn't actually mean to check that section in yet because I wasn't done writing it...
Badspot2014-06-22 22:21:26
I'm running 64 bit windows 7, so that definitely isn't it. It generates the rom list by executing a batch file that does some command line stuff. So if you don't have permissions to do that there will be a problem.
Badspot2014-06-22 22:20:01
I dunno, probably some kind of opengl interference, though RomShelf shouldn't be rendering anything when it's in the background. You could try switching to a different fullscreen/windowed mode.
Badspot2014-05-05 14:56:50
The "mp_" in mp_sor2 stands for "mega play" which is a conversion of the sega genesis for arcade use. I chose to filter these rather than duplicate a huge number of sega genesis listings under MAME. You'd be much better off playing streets of rage on a sega genesis/megadrive emulator.

I can't follow your TG16/PCEngine problem. Can you post a picture of your directory structure and romshelf config screen?
Badspot2014-05-04 12:56:30
What roms are being filtered that you don't want to be?
Badspot2014-04-28 06:47:07
@Exiton, right on all counts.
Badspot2014-03-24 17:16:50
>jcat,you are acting like a damn kid right now
>like a damn kid right now
>right now
Badspot2014-03-10 20:38:00
>why did this all happen ?

1 in 1000 people is severely mentally ill with obsessive and combative tendencies. In online communities these people are rare but they are quite vocal and they never leave. So as a game exists for more and more years, it accumulates more and more of these crazies until it seems like that's all their is.
Badspot2014-02-21 18:26:57
For zsnes, it works for me using "[ROMFILE]" (with the quotes) as the launch parameter. This is using zsnesw.exe version 1.51.
Badspot2013-12-28 02:00:01
You'll have to learn how to add command arguments to a batch file.
Badspot2013-12-27 18:40:21
>is it possible to launch an ahk at the same time as an emulator with romshelf

You could probably make a batch file to do that and use it as the launch command.
Badspot2013-12-22 22:30:53
>What program do you use to make this?

I didn't use a game maker or existing engine. I programmed it myself in C++. I used SDL to handle sound and input and to start the openGL context.
Badspot2013-11-16 23:15:02
If you want to get banned you have to actually set the url.
Badspot2013-09-08 18:34:33
>multiple discs

I have yet to see an emulator handle this gracefully. At some point you'll have to change discs manually via some windows file dialog so seamless integration with a front end seems impossible.
Badspot2013-08-30 18:34:17
>Oh god, some Senior in my school has the Retarded ponytail.

Badspot2013-08-22 21:21:31
No. No one has ever played counter-strike.
Badspot2013-07-25 09:53:22
The crazy laugh you're hearing is Rotondo's
Badspot2013-07-20 21:23:16
"Crap roms" are things that are in some way completely unplayable like the game genie bios, untranslated text heavy japanese rpgs or trivia games, incredibly lame homebrew, or mahjong. "Duplicates" are when two games are literally the exact same game except a different revision or region.

Maybe take a second look at what roms you have selected and see if anything good has actually been removed or not.

If you can't figure it out you can send me your Romshelf/config/systems/NES/dir.txt file and I'll tell you exactly why they've been removed (and make fun of you).
Badspot2013-07-17 22:23:06
Which roms specifically are being pruned out that shouldn't be?
Badspot2013-07-08 11:52:47
Well SDL.dll is included in the download so you didn't unzip the file properly.
Badspot2013-07-07 08:21:18
>Sl.dl is missing from my computer

What is the exact text of the error message?
Badspot2013-07-04 01:39:36
Try putting quotes around the parameter like this: "[ROMFILE]"
Badspot2013-07-02 22:27:24
There is no easy way to add a system but you can do it like this:
- Run romshelf.exe -console to enable the developer console.
- Press ~ to open the console
- Type addSystem("GameCube", "", 1, 1, "", "", "", "", 1); and press enter
- Press ~ to close the console
- Close and reopen the options dialog
Badspot2013-07-01 00:14:48
>Just wanted to take the time to tell you how awesome Romshelf is!


>My other emulators will load via the frontend, but the rom selected won't be loaded

You have to make sure the emulators themselves are configured and that the launch parameters are correct. Different emulators have different ways of launching games from the command line. For the model 2 emulator, you need to have the rom folder set in the EMULATOR.INI file and use [ROMBASE] as the launch parameter. Fusion 3.51 works fine for me just using "[ROMFILE]" as the launch parameter, haven't tried the latest version. Don't have the other emulators you mentioned on hand but it'd probably be something similar.
Badspot2013-06-29 16:19:23
Yeah, the comments are white list filtered to normal ascii.
Badspot2013-06-26 01:43:22
She is a tiefling I believe. I drew this for /r/characterdrawing.
Badspot2013-05-16 16:02:08
>Flexpicker should be 5. It's a lot slower.

Scale and spidery-ness make up for speed.
Badspot2013-04-16 14:07:16
@joe brickster,
Badspot2013-03-29 19:25:29

I know it's hard to believe but 2005 was a real year! It happened before you were born.
Badspot2013-03-17 15:18:50
Try this for launch parameters:

-config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart=1 -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="[ROMFILE]"
Badspot2013-03-09 17:28:55
>down button seems a bit too sensitive

The default dead zone is 40%, you can adjust it by editing the decimal values in the JOYAXIS lines in playerA.cfg. I suppose it's a tradeoff between responsiveness and accidental input. Might also be worse on worn controllers (mine is fairly new).
Badspot2013-01-21 16:22:54
>I'm having trouble downloading ROMSHELF from your site.
I am not having this problem.

>New issue, Can I turn off the "craprom" filter, its filtering out a few of my roms that aren't crap. like one of the zelda's.

What are the exact file names that are being filtered?
Badspot2013-01-14 02:23:07
Please describe the glitches you are experiencing.

To slide, run and then press "down". What difficulty are you having with sliding?
Badspot2012-12-05 00:19:40
@jph What sort of video hardware do you have? Are you forcing on anisotropic filtering or FSAA by any chance?

@hodototman You can edit playerA.cfg, not exactly convenient but it's there.

@ivanho Blargh. I had that bug written down, then when I went to fix it I couldn't get it to happen.
Badspot2012-12-01 21:33:08
I moved the download to AWS, so hopefully it works for you now.