3D Printed LCD Game Shelf

I designed a custom shelf for displaying RadioShack and Tandy LCD games. I had these as a kid and played them on car trips in the pre-gameboy era.

Tandy LCD Games
Tandy LCD Shelf Plasticity Model
I used the same design process as the Game Gear Shelf - build a model of the games, then use a boolean operation to carve them out of the main shelf body. This one will hold "Shark Island" and "Zap".

Tandy LCD Shelf PrusaSlicer
Because of the amount of overhang, this part is designed to print 5 walls thick with no infill.

RadioShack LCD Games
RadioShack LCD Shelf Plasticity Model
The profile for the RadioShack games - "Plane & Tank", "Space Alien", "Volcano", and "Highway" - is much simpler, and the same for each game.

RadioShack LCD Shelf PrusaSlicer
This only requires printing with 3 walls, no infill.

LCD Game Shelf Assembled LCD Game Shelf Final
They press together and glue with solvent or CA. Same height as a CD Case.


2024-04-21 15:46:21
You seem to really like video games, you should try making one of your own!
krack2024-04-23 03:50:46
>you should try making one of your own!

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2024-05-09 19:50:23
sleek and clean
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makes me skibidi
crack addict2024-05-21 01:02:02
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