Teh Pwner 2009-12-06 13:05:45
Teh Pwner2009-12-06 13:03:17
Teh pwner2009-10-01 21:01:27
Tell me about it.
Theres like...
More than 20 noobs waiting for Badspot to post mare.
Teh pwner2009-10-01 20:59:18
Will you just SHUT UP?
Geez, like theres enough f*cking noobs on the site, rubbing there dicks for self pleasure toward the picture.
Teh pwner2009-10-01 20:54:31
Sure he is. NOT.
Atleast HE doesn't have such a Gay, over-used, and RETARDED Name.
Teh pwner2009-09-04 19:17:26
So whats the story on this one?
Teh pwner2009-09-04 19:15:32
LewnaJa go away will you?! NO ONE IN THE F*CKING WORLD WILL LISTEN TO YOU! Besides, Badspot is no perv, he just likes the kind of artwork, OK?!
Teh pwner2009-09-04 19:10:32
Who cares about tits? Its fine.
Teh pwner2009-09-04 19:09:38
Hey Badspot, why not make a section in the website that has MORE nuity? (but has a "Are you 18 or older?" thing)
Teh pwner2009-09-04 19:07:27
Teh pwner2009-09-04 19:03:50
LewnaJa...(Or the real one)....Just shut up. No one wants to hear your LIES. Plus, if Badspot DID NOT have a life, then why would this place even EXSIST?! You are just some retarded man who cannot seem to find a place in life. I bet NO ONE is scared of you! And if you can send people viruses, why not send BADSPOT a virus? HA! You make me laugh SO HARD! Just go back to a normal life insted of making other peoples life bad, you big, fat, joke of a troller.
Teh pwner2009-09-04 18:47:53
Well, keep up the good work Badspot! That is enough skill right there! Keep it up!
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:22:08
..........I am SPEECHLESS.
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:14:35
Badspot...Once again, you have AMAZED me.
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:10:44
Oh and, fapfapfap, GO TO HELL.
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:10:06
You know Badspot....When did you get into this kind of thing? I have been DIEING to know.
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:08:02
I think that you should keep doing stuff like this. I mean, this is rating GOLD. I suggest you keep making more. Oh and, when did you get SO into this kind of thing?
Teh pwner2009-08-20 19:20:27
Man...So many tiny sex trolls that spam WONDERFUL work...