-- Dredd

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Kaphitler2014-08-07 04:46:40
An appropriate response to the criticism.
wefflcaik2014-08-07 04:48:38
Isjix2014-08-07 04:51:00
oh nice.
Hammereditor2014-08-07 04:57:03
Someday Badspot's avatar is going to be watching his own game burn instead of Heedicalking or Kalphiter.
Zanaran22014-08-07 04:59:03
Oh, Hammereditor.
Anonymous2014-08-07 05:01:33
Do you mean Pacnet's Alt?
.::Taboo::.2014-08-07 06:16:52
You sure nailed that burn, Hammer. Oh yes, he'll surely feel it for years to come as he continues to succeed.
Masterlegodude2014-08-07 06:46:37
'2014-08-07 15:19:28
Banning people for peacefully sharing their constructive opinions in a non-insulting/flaming way? Sounds good!111!!
Palestinian2014-08-07 15:36:10
Meanwhile in Gaza
!2014-08-07 18:01:46
It's easy to ignore administrator corruption when you're a good boy and "know your place".
Zanaran22014-08-07 20:17:42
Get a hobby, would you?
Brickmaster2014-08-07 22:04:28
I'm fine with this.
Cool Boi2014-08-08 18:18:31
swagboi20302042580802014-08-08 19:18:41
Duhmn1152014-08-08 19:34:48
Sideswipe2014-08-08 21:38:49
what happens when chainban
Ze bitch.2014-08-10 03:11:32
lol, this is a nice avatar. But too bad im a bitch
Mr.Noody2014-08-10 07:19:14
It's funny to me that people who "left" years ago are still shitting on the game and/or it's creator. Seriously, move the fuck on would you?
Karl2014-10-10 15:16:49
This is truly a bad spot to waste your money in lol, get it?
L2014-10-22 04:22:29
See those burning people? They have been judged, FOR MAKING SUGGESTIONS FOR A GAME. Just go play Space Engineers, those guys know how to dev.
Zombie_Hunter2014-11-29 07:32:23
L bro bro those are people who got banned for a reason Btw its just a video Deal With It you Bitch
Lozenge2015-02-20 00:56:42
"Badspot may have banned me from the Blockland Forums but he won't stop me from making comments on this website!"

"Wait, he owns this website too?"

mr literally noone2016-01-04 10:29:49
inb5 chainban
3/26/16 purge2016-03-26 23:26:36

3 days
your mum2016-07-08 05:59:10
king of page 0
Cooolguy322017-03-18 17:04:09
craftersshaft2018-05-12 20:51:00
hello bcc
sebi2018-05-12 20:52:11
this is the bbcode situation right now fucking 13 people banned as i type this
lykakspars2018-05-12 20:52:52
r.i.p me...

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