Your Honor, it's all true: My female incompetence, Zapp's cat-like reflexes, the stuff that made no sense, all of it.
[Crowd gasps/buckawks]

-- Leela, Futurama 02x02

joe4112015-05-20 00:17:40
anus tart2015-05-20 00:23:21
Pecon2015-05-20 04:41:38
I remember this episode but can't remember why Leela decided to agree with Zapp on his own trial.
Rotondo2015-05-20 18:33:25
Leela agreed because if Zapp was found guilty he'd be back working at planet express.
Elefson2015-05-21 04:40:27
I like Planet Express
gay asshole2015-05-30 13:14:59

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