Pax 2011 Classic Console Travesty
The PAX 2011 retro console free play area. What better way to play classic console games than on a laggy, blurry HDTV stretched out to 16:9. It took all my strength to stop myself from murdering everyone in this room.

redbaron2011-09-02 14:31:02
I woulda paid for your lawyer....
Quontos2011-09-04 15:54:28
And i woulda buried the bodies :D
Quontos2011-09-04 15:54:32
And i woulda buried the bodies :D
Quontos2011-09-04 15:55:17
God i hate this shitty laptop, it always double-posts shit...
KoopaScooper2011-09-16 15:00:40
Wow, you must be strong not to murder every single person.
still good to see people enjoy classics though.
Blocker2011-10-07 20:20:10
I feel your pain, Eric.
Eussorus2011-11-28 17:30:45
Goldstein2014-08-17 15:00:45
When it comes to retro gaming, it's 4:3 or nothing.

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