Blockland video tour of the beta city in a pre-release version of Blockland. Note that the horse is still a lego horse.

El Barto2006-07-18 17:19:45
First post.
Jason78112006-07-18 19:54:05
Plz dia farto
dUMBELLS2006-07-18 21:18:43
teh awezome
T3h Pro2006-07-18 21:38:40
wow thats uberl33t
Predator2006-07-19 06:23:11
Insanerperson2006-07-20 00:07:56
D= I changed my mind about bl, it doesnt suck D=
Insanerperson2006-07-20 00:15:36
Badspot2006-07-20 02:32:27
Insanerperson2006-07-20 18:03:32
It said oldest? I thought it said largest. D=
Insanerperson2006-07-20 18:04:05
oh it DOES say oldest.
dUMBELLS2006-07-26 00:41:30
: cookie : : cookie : : cookie : : cookie : : cookie : : cookie : : cookie :
Bedpost2006-07-27 07:06:36
My favorite thing that was built was the Museum.
Badsport2006-07-27 07:08:29
With the square pegs; wouldn't cylendrical bricks be impossible to attach?
ladios2006-09-04 17:46:53
i love the fact that it isnt lagging
Otis Da HousKat2006-10-17 14:32:45
Otis Da HousKat 2006-10-18 17:14:15
yuki2006-11-27 02:20:57
Kheyre2007-02-06 07:23:41
lol bl deifies logic yet again (fire with lego)
heavythehobbit2007-08-17 16:03:47
That pwns
nigel2008-06-06 14:00:11
waarom kan ik het niet spelen?
Metario2008-06-16 23:28:09
Ok Lol
Robo Noob2008-07-10 23:37:14
Big Bump? :cookiemonster:
Robo Noob2008-07-10 23:41:15
Oops down the pole
leif162008-08-29 00:19:08
[quote author=leif16 link=topic=42854.msg662016#msg662016 date=1219964197]
this is of a game called blockland one of the best games ever
2009-01-21 07:31:43
Lol the retard tried quoting
mecememecha2009-03-10 02:16:02
rotondo :O
ironcookie2009-03-26 12:54:58
OHHHH you should Have kept the horses.They look better.
Clockwork2009-06-07 01:18:45
madisyn062009-07-24 07:16:09
Oh Thats Blockland
ArchAngel8902009-08-22 21:13:01
how do you get your guy to look like that?
PM me on the new forum ArchAngel890. thanks or you can email me at [email protected]
GTF-11 Drio2009-08-27 22:47:25
??? how did you get lego in blocland??
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-09-20 20:53:14
what i meant to say was how did yu get the lego legs for blockland
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:47:31
LOL Rotondo was stolen (ROFL)
and whats th pass to rotondo's server?
and whats his email?
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-11 20:50:48
This made me want to play Blockland on single player mode and load the build
"Beta City 16"
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-11 20:51:21
and btw, badspot what's your email?
2010-01-23 12:21:25
awesome but why get rid of the arms and legs in the new blockland?
Penguin/Person2010-02-26 01:17:04
Wow, What version was that?
Neotek2010-06-30 22:14:01
I would really like vin. BL back it was good
2010-08-15 15:42:25
Acid's Plain2010-09-12 01:24:33
What command did you use to turn on your light? I didn't know you could do that...
Badspot2010-09-12 02:31:49

In general /foo will call commandToServer('foo');
christion9492010-09-15 21:09:51
im sorry for blockland forums im just a kid D=
christophercerra2010-11-06 00:30:58
what blockland version is this? plz write back
nadaras2011-04-05 16:35:48
poop2011-04-26 21:05:56
poop :D
luckybuzz5102012-05-13 11:18:53
WOW this is beta
legokid2018-03-24 20:30:43
still playing
ep2018-10-22 18:32:04

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