Eussorus2012-04-24 12:43:51
Is that you badspot when you see people annoying you?
Eussorus2012-04-24 12:43:27
Oh god lol.
Eussorus2012-03-24 19:44:02
Haha that's so random but funny.
eussorus2012-03-24 19:39:44
Eussorus2012-03-23 12:10:19
Also,badspot, you can't expect to be a famous game developer and make a game and not get feed back and get asked for help.

Yeah I'm sure its annoying though.
Eussorus2012-03-23 12:09:00
Hahaha, funny and so true
Eussorus2012-01-24 12:26:19
Haha, the black guy.
Eussorus2012-01-11 12:29:57
Eussorus2011-11-28 12:30:45
Eussorus2011-11-28 12:28:27
Wow not bad.